Final Element- Da Coming/Da Launch Pad

July 17th, 2005

In view of the recent quality of promo’s I’ve been sent to review, it made a change to be handed these two CD’s on Batcisum Records. I didn’t know a thing about the rapper named Final Element, but was pleasently suprised with the quality of the tracks. On ‘Da Launch Pad’, things begin with some verses over a well known Mobb Deep beat. Element’s voice is very London orientated and his flow is neither simple and basic, or overly complicated. It has clarity, character and confidence. There’s a variety of moods throughout the CD, and there are various insights into the artist’s personality and perspective. The only downside is that there’s occasionally some female vocals which sound fairly cheap. That aside, there’s a mixture of tracks suitable for the club, or an introspective drive around the block. On the ‘Da Coming (Da Alpha)’ CD, things are constructed a little better to give a more professional feel of an album, although both CD’s are basically just demo’s/promo’s to create a buzz. ‘Wot A Shame’ has a really catchy and enjoyable beat, the flow suits perfectly and besides from the British female sung chorus, it’s got success programmed all over it. Element’s verses over ‘Yeah’ by Usher shits on all the jacked beat tracks I’ve heard for quite some time. Check out for more info.

8 Responses to “Final Element- Da Coming/Da Launch Pad”

  1. g-unit gangsta Says:

    I met final element 2day in london….i had never heard of the guy b4 2day n he came up 2 me tryin 2 sell me his mixtape, explaining himself and showed me an article on him. He was such a nice geezer and i was impressed about his attitude towards his work and his efforts and he told me about his label so i bought the mix cd off him. I went 2 my car, shoved the CD in and woah what a dope CD Its awesome! I listen to a lot of hip hop, and a lot of underground crap goes around, especially british MC’s but this guy really does shit all over any competition. My only concerns are that his has used to many well known already made beats, and needs to create more of his own. But when this guy hooks up with sum seriously good chorus singers etc then he will be top dog. Watch out for Final Element, i’m sure he will be in the charts some time soon!

  2. EliteStyles Says:

    I was approached by Final Element in London today (3rd Jan 2006) and like gunit gangsta was impressed with the way he was trying to sell his mixtape to me through his articles in magazines, ive been away from channel u since summer 05 due to being at uni and not having sky available but he told me he had one of his tracks shown on the channel and it did pretty well.

    i felt bad that i didnt know who he was but i saw the dedication and hard grinding to make himself heard in the business. I support most Uk artists if they have the right lean to lyrics and production so this was a gamble considering i never heard of Element.

    Like the owner of this blog was suprised in the quality of lyrics and tracks given although i also felt that the female mc/voclaist did sound 2 cheap and not much effort put into the extra features, mainly on the hooks and chrous. And i wish their were more tracks produced other than mc’ing over popular instrumentals. Other than that got some nice tracks and will listen to it in more detail 2nite.

    The tape i was sold is the launch pad i didnt get the opportunity with the other. Tho i woulda like the mixtape in a nice slim case and printed up on card rather than dodgy paper with ink low cos reading the tracklistings is pretty hard.

  3. Sacred Says:

    Met this guy yesterday and jus as the above have praised him for the way he comes at you and presents himself, I would have to agree. I was pretty impressed with the CD but again have to agree that some of the tracks need a little work and the re-use of older instrumentals just doesn’t do the lyrics justice…

    If anyone knows how I could get in touch with the guy let me know please, I’d be happy to offer to give him a few tracks made by my friend n I to listen to to see what he thinks, the websites don’t seem to be up yet.
    email –

  4. michael Says:

    I’d also like to know how to contact Final Element if anyone knows.

    I met him last week and spoke about him possibly playing at a night I put on and after listening to the CD (The Launch Pad) I was very impressed.

    If anyone knows, e-mail

  5. Alex Says:

    Final Element came up to me an a group of mates (4th jan), and explained himself, showed us the magazine articles, the CD looked a bit dodgy, but is really is well good, proper good quality shit Final element the mix CD is the the real fuckin deal. Anyone reading this needs a copy, this is gonna be big.

  6. Brendon Says:

    I met this bloke at his place in tottenham. Looks like a gangsta but is really friendly and genuine. Well safe.
    He played me a lot of his stuff. I was also impressed particularly with the newer stuff on original beats.
    Keep your eyes open on road and pick up his latest cd.

    For those looking for info try

  7. angel Says:

    Ive met Final element on the grind a few times and have purchased both his prom’s The Coming mixed CD and The Launch Pad. I really felt the music on them so I did some research and managed to watch him in concert at One of his show’s Special Delivery 2. This guy is born to be an artist his stage presence was captivating i really enjoyed his stuff.If you want to find out more about this up in coming UK hip hop artist checkout his website or to holla straight at him email him at even better still meet him in oxford street on the grind.

  8. Callum Says:

    Met FE aswell, in Slough, i didn’t realise he was graftin on these promo CD’s so much, but big up to him for doing it, you’ve got to respect a guy who appears to really have a drive about him. On top of all of this, there is some real quality on his tracks – i can’t help but feel that his various ‘Best New-Comer’ awards will very shortly be followed by numerous ‘Best Hip-Hop’ awards