The Souljah Clique Presents- BaggaMics 2

July 17th, 2005

Out independantly on Souljah Clique Productions, this album consists of 35 tracks in the form of a compilation which features many artists from Klashnekoff and Late to Manage and Paragon. The tracks blend into each other well and provide for a variety of vibes. CLG gets things started with ‘Stop That’ which is fairly dark and atmospheric. The lesser known Relly contributes ‘Old English Town’ which has a catchy hook, understated and chilled beat, and nice verses. Since his departure from the scene, any appearance of Scorzayzee is appreciated, so Picasso is a welcomed inclusion. ‘Queen Like No Other’ by Paragon feels a little under developed and could have a stronger impact. ‘American Slang’ is a nice track with a point by Baker T whilst Klashnekoff, Kners and One Mic end things well with a remix of ‘Hecktic’. The beat’s quite computerish but has captivating energy. The CD as a whole is solid, although there are releases with similar set up’s which come a lot harder.