DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist – Product Placement

August 3rd, 2004

Product Placement is roughly a one hour compilation of the recordings of 45 Cut Chemist/DJ Shadow sets which took place within six cities. Across the hour, viewers get a chance to see what goes on to make the incredible sounds that have come to be expected of the two outstanding DJs. The DVD is packed tightly. Besides from the sets which offers an extremely close up view of the turntables and the mixes and scratches which are performed upon them, you get a glimpse of tour bus and backstage antics as well as the two diggers visiting various record shops across the globe and trading their discs. Besides from the film, the package contains a program titled ‘Around The World In 14 DJs’ which features performances by DJ Nu-mark, Spinna, Shortkut and others. The package includes an audio CD of the awesome music you hear throughout the film, an audio commentary by its two stars full of interesting trivia about various parts of the sets and a trailer for the new DJ Shadow DVD release, which fans of this one are likely to scoop up from the shelves the minute it drops. All in all, this is great for turntablism anoraks and DJ obsessives. They’ll be pressing back search and pause buttons for a long time to come, trying to emulate the unique techniques and tricks presented by their heroes (including four turntables used to make the first of many great mixes in the first set). If you’re not as fanatical about the technical details you may start getting restless watching the screen. The visuals can sometimes tire, besides from the occasional wake up call of a special guest like Charli 2na dropping a verse or the editing in of cookies being made at a factory, followed by the audience of the shows being handed free cartons of milk and trays of the chocolate chip treats. That’s not to say the editing is poor. If any more graphics of vinyl flew across the screen or any more shots were cut up into split frames, it would have made for an overlooked finish. It just all depends on your taste and your stamina to sit. This is The Godfather of DJ DVD’s rather than House of 1000 Corpses in that its less action packed on the eye yet still delivers.

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