1xtra Petition

July 11th, 2005

In the last couple of weeks, people have been passionately expressing their disappointment that the 1xtra show ‘Tales From The Legend’ will no longer be a part of the digital radio station’s schedule. Considering the fact that the show is easily the only truly dedicated slot on the station for UK hip-hop, people have been voicing their unhappiness with 1xtra’s lack of representation of the UK scene.

1xtra was launched as being ‘the home of new black music’ and has gradually developed into a media outlet which is more and more unrepresentative of quality underground UK hip-hop. Without Tales From The Legend, there is no mass media outlet for the scene’s audiences to hear quality music on the regular, and it’s back to obscure internet message boards and monthly magazines to gain an inadequate grasp of what’s going on.

Taking into account the slogan thrown around when the station launched, and that the station is funded through television licence money, it is important that the people at the top know of our discomfort towards their actions, and realise that it is their duty to offer fairer and more equal representation of the various styles of urban music in the United Kingdom.

After all, it was a BBC press release during the launch of the station, that read ‘1xtra will be dedicated to playing the very best in contemporary music…The station will cover a wide variety of genres…’

It is not acceptable that the station gives lots of airplay to some forms of black music in the UK, and not others. Being ‘representative of popular trends’ isn’t an adequate explanation, because who’s to say UK hiphop wouldn’t be as widely enjoyed as the likes of grime, given the chance to be heard and treated on an even scale. As 1xtra have no competitors in the sense that they’re a public broadcasting service, they shouldn’t be concerned with listener ratings, in comparison with other radio outlets or otherwise.

I encourage people concerned with the state of 1xtra to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. These will be collected and given to the head of scheduling at 1xtra as a petition of sorts. You can read specifically about the Tales From The Legend situation at the front of www.ukhh.com as well as their ‘hiphop banter’ message board. You can view the forthcoming 1xtra schedule here.

If you would like to send a message directly to the bbc, you can use their website’s complaints section The e-mail address is info@bbc.co.uk The postal address is: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Glasgow G2 3WT.

It has been suggest that andy.parfitt@bbc.co.uk is the e-mail address of the head of music at 1xtra, although this can’t be confirmed.