G Force Alliance- Episode 1: The Unification

July 4th, 2005

‘Episode 1: The Unification’ is the debut album by G Force Alliance, a collective of hip-hop artists from the UK and the USA who share a faith in Christ and the intention to use their talents to represent his word. The album begins with a fairly irritating instrumental which goes on for too long, much like the intro sequences of the majority of songs, which bore you rather than raise suspense for the vocals to drop in. Listeners could quickly find themselves alienated by the many references to religion and spirituality which on the most part, seem too corny and preachy to want to hear. The group would do much better to focus on storytelling of scenarios and environments without directly mentioning Christ all the time, as that way they’d be getting their messages across without scaring listeners away. On the other hand, if they want to directly reference their beliefs, why shouldn’t they? On a whole, the production and rapping ability is of a good quality and doesn’t have too much wrong with it, but the overly positive sentiments of each track are too sickly and a major put off.

One Response to “G Force Alliance- Episode 1: The Unification”

  1. pushingpositivity Says:

    With greatest respect to your opinion. I have seen G Force Alliance perform and I personally think that G Force is definately a step in the right direction. The fact that you can rap about, gangs, drugs, violence, sex and murder, yet mentioning Christ is considered “scary” is indicative of the level of conciousness of most people. This attitude gives some idea of why society is in the state it is. I am not attacking you personally, rather I am highlighting an attitude that is common place and goes largely unnoticed or unaddressed, until someone dares mention the G word and matters relating to spirituality.

    How sad it is that is acceptable to talk about all the stuff that destroys life, robs people of thier families, thier sanity and their spirit. Yet talk about a subject that brings restoration, life and helps you to bring forth your own personal light and manifest your true human potential, is seen to be a no go area.

    My nine year old son saw them perform and I would rather he listen to thier message than the largely negative images and messages he is bombarded with everyday! I would like to see many more positive black people bringing such a powerful and positive message not just to our youth, but to our adults who sorely need it too!
    With Love & Light