Billy Brimstone- Keep It Live

July 4th, 2005

Jehst returns on this YNR Productions 7” as alter-ego Billy Brimstone, in impressive fashion. The self produced track, just under three minutes long, has an infectious beat which is accompanied by just as enjoyable lyrics, which demand playback after playback. It’s extremely good to hear the MC a little less under the weather in comparison to his quite grey and introspective Falling Down album. This stands as a demonstration of his very listenable voice, dope lyrics and tight flow, which will no doubt give birth to yet more 15 year old soundalikes. Pick up this limited edition release. It’s got loud fun cover art, the track’s hot, and the instrumental is addictive. Roll on the next Brimstone gem.

3 Responses to “Billy Brimstone- Keep It Live”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yep you just about summed it up another bad arse track from the king of uk sound

  2. John Says:


    BEST Raw sound & new talent in UK. Shame people are still listening to all that usa drive-by shit. Fair play to those rappers who are talking about what they have been though in their life but Rap has gone POP with all those other fake commercial bellends who are just jumping on the band wagon, when they come to UK that tired bull just aint passing. Thats why you get nobheads making money from taking the piss with “guns dont kill people, rappers do.” Rap was not started for this crap alotta real rappers would turn in their grave. Respect to the men still doing their thing and not chatting bull, Yo Chuck D.
    2pac would not have done all the shit that has been passed off as his, its out of order and i’d personally like to kick the fuck outta that boy band who ripped off the Biggy sound track.
    Keep it real, Keep it live, UK HIP HOP Let em know why Great still applies to the British.

  3. Gizzle Says: