Rick Whispers

March 24th, 2005

Rick Whispers

I’ve been fortunate enough recently to have discovered a group of artists out of New York, who are all dope, and all interesting to throw questions at. On checking out this dude’s audio page at his website, recommended to me by Sev Statik, I got in touch to find out what’s been released, and what’s to come.

How long have you been rapping for?

For about nine years

Drop the names of five artists vital in inspiring you.

Beastie Boys, Group Home, Rakim, Kool G Rap, EPMD.

Where about’s are you from and how’s the scene there?

Albany New York. The scene here is really a mixed bag. There are a lot of fresh sounds coming out of the 518. In a collection of hip hop heads exists an idea by the name of Pitch Control Music bent on global domination.

What one record is most representative of what u do?

House of Hearts is my first solid solo effort. On some heart on my sleeve writing over real fresh beats.

How would you describe the sound or vibe of your work?

Honest, I put what I can relate to into my songs. I’m not going to speak on something I don’t know about.

How many releases have you dropped and what’s latest?

House of Hearts LP is the latest and only as of right now. I am currently working on a follow up entitled Awed by the Backdrop, which has no release date yet. There is also a split LP I am doing with Sev Statik under the name Body Language (no release date yet).

Can you talk us through it? Producers, vibe’s etc…

I have production from Mashie, Ted Becker, Sween and Dez of FTM, cuts by deejaygyro, and saxophone on two tracks played by Brian Patneaude, and I did a beat on there. There’s a number of different moods on the album, some songs speaking on girls and friends gone bad, also some positive joints and some wordplay/battle tracks also.

Have you got a website we can hear audio at?

www.rickwhispers.com You can check audio and video, I just shot a video for “Shards of Smokeâ€? at the Shelter skatepark in Albany with the help of Jim and Rich at Mastadon Media. You can listen to snips of all the tracks off of House of Hearts in the store before buying it or check it at www.undergroundhiphop.com

Do you find the internet a big advantage in getting your name out there?

There’s no doubt about it. If the Internet didn’t exist I would have to be on the road a ton more than I am to get any kind of exposure at all.

What’s the best and worst aspect about being an independent artist and what one thing needs some improvement most?

I think for the most part there’s only a positive to the Indie side of hip-hop. I control all aspects that would be in somebody else’s hands, which sometimes makes things chaotic, but at the end of the day I know it’s getting done the way I want.

Who are you feeling beats and MC wise on both the under and overground?

As for Beats, Blockhead and Edan are both killing it. On the mic Eyedea and Brother Ali.

You wanna make any shout out’s or plugs before we finish?

www.pitchcontrolmusic.net, www.brianpatneaude.com, www.dezmatic.com