Northan Dialect- Pro.Lif.Ikk Vol.1

June 6th, 2005

This sixteen track sampler begins impressively with the Rick Fury track ‘Heartless Intro’ which demonstrates decent vocal ability and a heavy, dramatic beat. It’s this crew member who steels the majority of the limelight throughout these tracks, as he dominates ‘Hooded UP Headphone Rap’ which also features Gaz, Art and Chattabox over the jacked beat, and all of the other tracks with ease. The production throughout is solid and more impressive for the fact that the crew are an independant UK rap collective. ‘Own Worst Enemy’ is extremely laid back and jazzy. The slow tempo piano based ‘Plan Your Escape’ is chilled whilst ‘Digital Data’ is a very simple and stripped down beat with a great crew chanted hook which gets the head nodding along nicely. Curious and Chattabox justify themselves as good rappers. ‘Blue Smoke’ begins with some classical music which is soon accompanied by a light beat which is pulled off really well. All this release needs is some tighter professionalism in terms of presentation and it can easily compete with similar types of crew showcase releases. These guys deserve some attention with this consistent collection of tracks, few of which are weak and require a fast forward.

One Response to “Northan Dialect- Pro.Lif.Ikk Vol.1”

  1. Arn Says:

    MAsta rappin