Parallel Thought- Drugs, Liquor, Sex and Cigarettes

June 6th, 2005

Drum, Knowledge and DJ Apendix are Parallel Thought, a production team based in New Jersey and this EP consists of five of their tracks, including an instrumental of each. Guest vocalists are PackFM, Jaen Grae, MF Grimm, Illogic, Breeze Evahflowin, Slug and C Rayz Walz. The first track, ‘Freaky’, has a cool drum roll ending each of its soulful loops. ‘I Wonder’ begins theatrically, sampling dialogue by Malcom X. Strings climb up and down a scale simply, creating a haunted vibe to the track. ‘Stay Sleep’ is again of a strings orientation which is solid but perhaps not the strongest of the EP tracks. ‘Don’t Ever Think’ uses an army of violins, some layered and sung lines and verses of a romantic leaning. ‘Chorus II’ ends things with a fresh summery vibe with vocals that have been treated to sound like you’re in the vocal booth with C-Rayz Walz as he raps with character and ease. The quality of the tracks, the calibre of the guest artists and the fact that the guys are very young and this is only their first project, equates to a lot of promise and excitement.