Shyste- The Exception

June 4th, 2005

Shyste, not to be confused with Shystie, is another solid and entertaining rapper from Albany’s PCM (Pitch Control Music) family. Each rapper and release from the 518 domonstrates skill, and this product is no exception. Everything is extremely professional, yet underground and independent. The production is enjoyable, with a variety of approaches, whilst the emceeing is of a quality easy to appreciate.

The twenty-three track debut album begins with ‘The Ox Swinger’ which features Dez and is produced by Profile. The hook has a cool stuttering vocal whilst the verses showcase a deep but clear and concise voice. ‘4 Bars’ produced by D-Tox has a subtle click to its beat which works nicely alongside a shaker and some guitar which adds a lot of flavour.

‘Have You Seen A shitfaced Gremlin?’ is a skit in an English accent, which is always enjoyable to hear a yank attempt. It leads into ‘Suntin’ which Shyste produced himself. It’s a fairly layered beat, although feels a little repetitive after a few repeats of the loop. After quite a long intro, ‘Glocks n Techs’ eventually gets into swing, with a reserved but atmospheric beat and verses which are enticing to the ear. ‘Goodbye Sunshine’ has a nice electronic sound throughout and a catchy chorus sung drunkenly.

‘Drop Ya Backside’ has some nice bass which would sound great on a loud system. The track adds some diversity to the moods of the CD as a whole. Shyste’s Caribbean accent and natural voice slide in and out of each oher impressively. I’m sure some of the background chatter is in a Brit’s accent too.

‘Break North’ sounds like it was recorded on a pirate ship thanks to its use of what sounds like an accordion. Dez and Sween make dope guest spots. ‘A New Day’ instantly stands out as an album highlight. The production, handled by D-Tox, takes from a classic Nina Simone track. There’s strings, piano and a fat bassline. It’d be silly for this track not to become a single.

‘Where I’m From’ has some dope aggressive verses although the track’s let down by the repetition of the beat’s loop which gets too much to bare, especially when the fairly uninteresting chorus rolls. ‘Cow Tippin’ is loud and developed. There’s lots going on in terms of production and it really gets the head nodding that little bit more than other tracks on the album.

The self produced ‘Last Call’ ends the album which remains consistent throughout, with no track noticeably much better or worse than the others. Perhaps if the track listing’s were shaved down by five or so numbers, the album as a whole would have a greater impact. The likeable thing about this album is that it doesn’t seek to be ultra intelligent or particularly hardcore. It’s straight up enjoyable hip-hop.

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14 Responses to “Shyste- The Exception”

  1. JB!! Says:

    good stuff. love the album from my 518 brethren…..........

  2. Sween Says:

    good shit homie… keep it moving…


    the empire reigns!


  4. D.J.B. Says:

    word up Shyste damn it


    real hip hop, written and produced by real artists, not fed down your throat till you like it. we do it because we coudn’t not.

  6. Origin Says:

    Shyste always represents. Tell the world the 518 is here to stay! Keep bangin em out everyone!

  7. Peg Says:

    A 518 favorite. This album gets better with every listen!
    Shyste is doin his thing for REAL.
    And oh yeah…. I’ll Punch you in your face!

  8. Dj Rocc Says:

    This shit is one of my favorite albums…for real! 518 stand up ! Capital Dope coming soon….

  9. John Doe Says:

    DEf. Hot LP. Cant wait to hear more from this cat.

  10. Dj Rocc Says:

    Shyste also has a few hot new joints out… one of them is called The Rhythm off the new Dj Rocc Capital Dope LP. check more shyste joints at

  11. Jetlag Says:

    Lyrics on point…Production on point. Enough said.

  12. Ace the Grappler Says:

    Shyste is an emcee’s emcee! True talent, with a remarkable delivery! Don’t sleep on Pitch Control Music! Ever!

  13. jrocka Says:

    Rick Allen for class president.

  14. Ed Powers Says:

    Shyste does that thing that he does well….....EAT FAKE MC”s
    keep doin it homie!