The Breaknecks

May 25th, 2005

The Breaknecks

Ahead of their dope new EP, the guys talk about how they met, what they’ve released, who they rate and the internet.

Who are The Breaknecks and where are ya from?

RRS - Hello, we are The Breaknecks. Ralph Rip Shit on vocal duties.

HM - Harold Macadam on them drum pads.

How did you two meet?

RRS - Met this man right here in Swansea, in college to be exact. I came from this fairly old type place. The boys I used to hang round used to play rugby, drink and fish. Before I went to college I used to be into that shit, but going to college opened me up to people further afield. Ran into Harry in college and developed our friendship from there.

Have either of you broke someone’s neck?

RRS - Na man. I’m Clean. Doesn’t stop me laughing at a cripple though.

HM We were both into the same type of things and had the same sense of humour. It led to a lot of days bumping tunes and making fun of old people.

Tell us about the two EP’s which you released. How was the reception and where can we buy them?

RRS - The Breakneck EP (1999) and Fatties Boys (2000) or something like that. If you got copies of them, good luck to you! They were just part of the development of us as artists. Looking back (and actually listening to them the other week) it aint a pretty site.

HM Beats were good though! Ha. We were on some proper street distribution selling them out the back of the car and people seemed to like the music.

The Breaknecks  
How’s work on the forthcoming ‘Music For Bachelors’ EP going? Can you run us through some of the song concepts and sounds?

RRS - The new EP ‘Music For Bachelors’ has been a long time coming. Put crazy work in on that. Right now it’s in its final stages. Just about to be mastered and finished up. I’m chuffed its almost done. There’s a variety of shit on there. Between the two of us we like a lot of different styles of music and that is reflected in the tunes on there. We got the straight up bangers, some deep shit and then a few surprises on there that people might not expect.

When can it be expected and on what label?

HM - ‘Music For Bachelors’ will be out on Associated Minds. Also home to Ruffstylz and Mudmowth. So check for all that. As far as the EP goes, we hope it does well. I hope people like it.

How did you end up supporting the mighty Kool Herc live? Was you star struck and what was the dude like?

RRS - We’d been doing a few shows around Swansea and Cardiff and started getting together a tight set so the promoters obviously felt we were ready to move up and do something bigger. Shouts to Brotherz Grimm for hooking that up! Unfortunately, Herc was mad late so we didn’t get to meet him before he went on.

What material have you done on your jays? Harry, will you branch out to provide beats for others?

RRS - We’ve both got our own stuff going on. I’ve just released a mixtape called ‘Horse Shit Sean’ featuring Mudmowth, Humurak D Gritty, Blaktrix and a few others. Just to show people a different side to me. I also been trying to do as many things as possible; dubstates, mixtapes, whatever. I’m just hungry to spit some lyrics. I got my solo 12” out soon called ‘Kiss The Guns’ featuring beats by Apollo, Ben Grymm, and AH Fly. Maybe a solo LP as well.

HM I’m just pushing myself creatively. Apart from my Breaknecks shit, I produced Mudmowth’s solo EP ‘Just To Get The Name Known’ which is doing the rounds, and produced a tune on Blaktrix ‘Strappado Styles’ EP and done some more stuff for him for his sequel as well.

The Breaknecks  
Who’d both of you jump at a chance of collaborating with?

RRS - Not to sound like a faggot but I’m already surrounded by everyone I wanna be working with. Although I wouldn’t mind doing something with Cannibal Ox. Cold Vein is one of my favourite albums. I wouldn’t mind doing shit with them.

HM I’m down for working with anyone who has a vibe and a love for the music that they create, which I guess is definitely Ralph and Mud. If I had to name one person though, I guess it would be cool to work with The Streets as I reckon I could get some shit out of him people aint seen yet. Watch this space!

Who do you think are the strongest UK rappers and producers right now?

RRS - To me the dopest MC in the UK at the moment is Sway. His mixtape is the shit. The strongest producer is Apollo. His beat CD’s are full of some of the heaviest beats, just straight sick.

HM I got time for Farma G as an MC, I think he’s well underrated cause people love Chester P, but he’s got skills that nobody touching. There’s too many people making good beats to name one.

The Breaknecks  
How do you rate the scene in general?

RRS - I rate the scene like fuck. Whatever your taste you can get what you want. If you aint fussed on something you can just ignore it and stay to your shit.

HM To me, its like the new punk, its just everywhere, growing. Everybody’s doing this shit.

Is the Internet helping middle class students steal the scene from the street?

RRS - I aint worried about students. I aint worried bout nothing in hip hop. That’s like saying the rest of the world is stealing hip hop from New York. I do think that hip hop is being segregated in the UK. Something that has already happened in the US. But that aint bad really, I mean with the emergence of grime, kids got something else to go to. The students that buy Lowlife releases aint affecting Bruzas sales.

Any promo’s you wanna throw out there?

RRS - Go cop ‘Music For Bachelors’, ‘Horse Shit Sean’ mixtape and my stupid dope 12” ‘Kiss The Guns’. Shouts to AM, The Colony, MI5, Apollo, AH Fly and Carnage The Executioner!

HM Check out ‘Music For Bachelors’ out now, and any of my future joints, Harold Macadam the Self Proclaimed Genius got the niceness. Pick it up from the website if you want the proof — Peace.

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  1. Hillside Chin Says:

    good interview. got the ep through the door the other day and its heavy!!