The Breaknecks- Music For Bachelors

May 13th, 2005

Out on Associated Minds, Music For Bachelors by The Breaknecks, who are Ralph Rip Shit on the vocals and Harry Macadam behind the beats, is fantastic. Things begin with the title track which is bouncy. The production is spot on, using a mixture of headnodding drums and soulful samples in the background. The chorus is catchy and the vocals instantly give the listener a loud introduction into the rappers style and vibe.

‘Skank’ continues the impressive beats with some top notch use of the trumpet (or a horn, I’m not sure). The rhyming is tight, showcasing Ralph Rip Shit’s skills at consistently delivering enjoyable choruses and verses of on point wordplay and lyricism. On ‘Requiem For A’, the beat’s not as lively as the two previous tracks although the atmosphere, built via high pitched samples and interesting lyrics, is admirable. The MC talks introspectively about rapping, dreams, working and tons more. A cut in snippet of an old Nas track is appropriately used.

‘Tradition’ starts with some slow violin which gradually works its way up into a thumping track of opera singing. It’s imaginative, executed well and one of the CD’s highlights. It features Grimlok and Possessed who both drop dope verses, alongside Ralph’s bars which seem to suit the production incredibly well. ‘Bam Bam’ has some really enjoyable drums which are like something you’d hear in a Cut Chemist or DJ Shadow set. ‘Rumble in the jungle, struggle in the streets like, bam bam, when ya move ya feet’ is a cool chorus which would work outstandingly at a gig where the audience know the words to participate on.

‘Breakneck Boudoir’ is a bouncy affair like the opening number and ‘It Is What It Is’ is full of a lot of rhyming over a simple and faint beat. The album concludes with ‘The Suave One’ which is produced by Conspicous. It yet again showcases a listenable and entertaining flow. All in all, this is a quality product containing many different flavoured beats which are constantly rhymed over by an impressive MC who is a breath of fresh air.