C-Rayz Walz- R’thentic

May 5th, 2005

Fresh from touring with the likes of The Pharcyde, The Executioners, Mob Deep and Raekwon for the past 18 months, C-Rayz of the Definitve Jux record label drops the lead single from the new album ‘Year Of The Beast’. The artist, already of a big underground following, is of a strong, distinctive voice, which he uses to lace an incredibly well produced beat with top notch lyricism on the title track ‘R’thentic’ that’s produced by a guy of the same name. ‘Street Reppin’ features Vordul Mega, one half of Cannibal Ox and a member of Atoms Family. Again, the production is decent. It’s handled by a guy called Belief and is a little less energetic than the other side of the vinyl. Towards the end of the song the loop gets a little tiring, but the vocals are great. The verses are of personal accounts, at points quite introspective. The 12”, released whilst the awesome EP by Aesop Rock is still fresh in our heads, is yet another fine product from a label which seems to get more and more consistent.