Mr. CRF- Critical Beatdown Hiphop Show #4

May 5th, 2005

Mr CRF of Pedigree Chumps and CB Mag presents this enjoyable selection of tracks in the cool format of a radio show. Things begin with some cool sound bites of Big Daddy Kane and Pete Rock introducing the set. Then it’s on to the first track, ‘Power Of The Prophetz’ by Black Prophetz. The piano beat is simplistic but enjoyable and the vocals are charged with wordplay. ‘Rap Legends’ by the UK based Mr Speen and Hoodz Underground is cool tune with a repeatative loop based production. The Hit Squad contribute ‘Serious’ a listenable and solid track but nothing too special. ‘Driver’ is produced by Mr Jaes of Cafe Recordings and features the record label’s regular rappers. It’s an uptempo and high quality production which demonstrates the talents of the consistent producer once more. The next track is a big inclusion, an exclusive track by Ultramagnetic Mcs called ‘Day Dreaming’. The beat is busy and heavy, in both senses of the word. There’s an economic guitar pluck, a hand clap and some high pitched synth. The hook is catchy and every verse is loud and impressive. ‘Ghost Writers’ by Jibberish of the Iron Bridge crew is an outstanding track in terms of both the tongue twisting vocals and the indepth production. ‘Deceptions’ by One Be Lo is alright, but overshadowed by the tracks it’s sandwitched between. Killa Priests’s Timbo King collaboration ‘Armoured Truck’ has a classy vibe to it, ‘Declaration Of War’ by The Geto Boys has a nice dramatic intro which leads into a track which sounds like a more inventive Dr. Dre beat. ‘Bar Brawl’ by Pedigree Chumps is full of character and ‘Incredibly’ by the very dope Poor Righteous Teachers ends everything off nicely with yet another highly energetic and head nodding affair. CRF treats the listeners well. Be grateful and get hold of this.

2 Responses to “Mr. CRF- Critical Beatdown Hiphop Show #4”

  1. BronxZodiak Says:

    Yo! I Got This & It’s Dope CRF Be Holdin It Down Yo!! Word Up!! Yo, Holla

  2. dj.fuze Says:

    just keep playing this cd over and over again as it is volume 4 i wish i could get hold of volume 1-3 also and give them a listen as i sure they just as good.