Access Immortal

April 27th, 2005

Access Immortal

The New York rapper drops by to talk about what he’s released, what producers he works with, his label, current release and touring.

Who is Access Immortal and what’s the thinking behind the name?

Access is that average dude that people can relate too just cause I feel I rhyme about everyday things. I’m not talking about things I don’t have or don’t know about just to try and relate to people out there. The name, I dunno haha. It just kinda came up a few years ago when i used to write and was thinking of an mc name and it stuck after awhile.

Where about are you from and what’s the local hip-hop scene like there?

The local scene in nyc is pretty dope. There’s so much talent here, from like brooklyn alone on the mix tape scene and then when you get into the independents, there’s a ton there too. So it gets kinda crowded in an area with so many artists all trying to do the same thing you do, but it’s also a good thing, cause you feel like your competing against some of the best so it keeps you sharp.

What label are you on and how did you hook up with them?

I’m on Earlyspotter Records and I basically hooked up with them thru my man Vanderslice. He knew the guy behind it for awhile and me and Slice wanted to drop an album but we wanted to make sure we had the product first. When we did that’s when Slice got everything hooked up as far as working out us working with the label and putting out this album.

How long have you been rapping and what are some of the artists/groups that have influenced your work?

I been rapping on a seriously level for like 5 years now maybe but I was always a fan and I used to write since I was like 14. I grew up listening to Kane and Mc Lyte the most, and Naughty By Nature and then in the mid 90’s it became Nas, Mobb Deep & the Lox, so a lot of that is pretty much what developed a lot my current style today.

What releases have you dropped so far and how did they go?

Hand to hand I dropped like 3 or 4 cd’s which were The Other Half EP,7 Deadly Sins, Calm Before The Storm and then Limited Edition last summer. Most of the releases besides Limited Edition were pretty low key outside of nyc and I got Limited Edition on a few internet sites so that helped get the buzz out there a little more.

Can you talk us through the forthcoming ‘Shades Of Reality’ album?

The album is basically just a few years work of what me and Vanderslice were trying to bring to the people, with his backdrop thru beats and my picture painting thru my rhymes. It took awhile to complete but that’s because we know who and what we wanted as far as overall sound and how we wanted people to perceive it. I think it’s something anyone can relate to, no matter what way of life.

What producers and other people did you contribute with on the project?

Besides Vanderslice, on the producer side,7L, J-Zone, Insight, Sesion 31,Green Steez and Da Natural on the bonus track. Mc wise, I got Breez Evahflowin, Smiley Da Ghetto Child, Loer, Velocity, Oktober, Karniege,Substantial, Wordsworth, Insight, Young Sin & Science.

How was the experience of working with such established and respected guys like Wordsworth and Jzone?

It was crazy. I got into independent music thru a lot of that and Words was one of the first people I used to listen to on a regular basis, just pick up anything he put out so it was a honor and Zone is so unique with his style and his beats that I was amped when I finally got to rock over a beat of his. I feel like he carved his own niche out of a crowded game and made it work.

Is there anyone that you’d really like the opportunity to collaborate with in the future?

Def Nas, and Jay-Z. Prob not on the same track haha and people like Kweli and Mos and a lot of other people I grew up around in nyc. I seen rock and are fans of.

Have you heard any UK hip-hop and what’s your opinion of it?

I haven’t heard too much of it lately. I used to listen to some people like Rodney P & Looptroop. I think when I first got into it. But I haven’t heard a lot of it lately but I liked what I heard and I definitely appreciate the scene and their love for the art form.

Will you eventually be touring the album around the UK?

Damn, I hope so haha. I’ve never been out the country so I’d love to get a chance to do that and rock some shows over there and take in the scene outside of the us.

Have you got any shout out’s or plugs you’d like to make before this raps up?

Peace to my PNC Vanderslice & Da Natural, my crew PCF, the mass amount of people I know in the nyc doing their thing and over the world and the label Earlyspotter Records of course for giving me the chance to do this. Thanks for giving me this interview, peace.

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2 Responses to “Access Immortal”

  1. UnderAzul Says:

    Este hermano es lo mejor que he escuchado en mucho tiempo
    desde chile…UnderAzul…Presente…

  2. Luca Says:

    Somebody should’ve told him Looptroop is not from the UK. But this dude’s really nice.