Wordsmith- The Roadman Showcase

April 26th, 2005

This Son Records release is a heavy collection of tracks being released as a ‘taster’ or ‘prequel’ to the actual debut album coming soon. Production handled entirely by Tom Caruana, the CD is extremely solid and enjoyable, and a very loud indication that Wordsmith is about to drop something very special.

‘The Banga’ has a great up and down brass loop in its beat which is accompanied by confident and impressive vocal presence. It’s a great start to dope song after song, including ‘Trading Bars’ which features another up and coming heavyweight Genesis Elijah. The beat is bouncy and another testiment to its maker who firmly establishes himself with this CD, as one of the most able producers in the UK right now. ‘The Analyst’ provides a strong catchy hook which compliments the indepth wordplay of the verses. ‘The Getaway’ is a scenario painting tune, where Wordsmith raps his story telling words fairly aggressively. The loop on ‘My Manor’ sounds like a squeeky swing in a park full of youts tapping on dustbins. ‘Another Day’ begins with a laid back piano intro which increases in tempo for a reflective and reminising flow that gets the head nodding, feet tapping and brain juices bubbling. ‘Inspirational’ featuring Sabrina Roberts is a deep, emotive track which sees Wordsmith rhyming about having to provide for his loved ones and make up for mistakes of his Father. The flow’s spot on and a testiment to the range of vibes Wordsmith is able to provide his listeners.

If there’s one minus point of the CD, it’s that there’s a couple of occasions where old british film dialogue is sampled. It’s something everyone seems to be doing at the moment, and is a little tired. But it’s hardly a substantial issue. I haven’t heard a more impressive and effective collection of tracks which up’s the anticipation of an artist since The Saga’s Of Klashnekoff. This easily puts Wordsmith towards the top of the UK hip-hop food chain, and it’s only just the beginning…

2 Responses to “Wordsmith- The Roadman Showcase”

  1. ImZ Says:

    Wordsmith has now joined Broken Souls Productions who will be releasing his next album.


  2. Damo Says:

    Purely awesome