Ugly Duckling: Dizzy Dustin

January 15th, 2004

Ugly Duckling

Dizzy spares a moment of his time to talk about the launch of meatshake branches in England, his favourite albums, new material and a whole lot more.

What’s been your proudest moment to date as one third of Ugly Duckling?

The fact that I’ve made a pretty good living doing what I do!

When’s the third album dropping and what’s it going to be called?

We’re still working the ‘Taste The Secret’ album meaning four different continents as well as the US. I’ve heard rumors that Ugly Duckling was breaking up. That’s not the case! We’ve just been real busy as of late. A new album is definitely in the works. No title as of yet…

Are you guys touring in the UK or Europe any time soon?

We’re actually putting the UK/Euro tour together as we speak. It’s looking like early March…

Any artists featuring as producers or vocalists on the new material?

We usually like to stand on our own two feet. We like to keep it in the camp so to speak. We had some guest appearances on ‘Taste The Secret’ like Double K (P.U.T.S.), Fat Hed, and a couple of close friends but no one actually rapping or producing. Rakim never had other rap artists on any of his albums, and he did just fine.

Who’d you blame as your most significant influence in music?

I’d have to say friends and family!

Einstein’s amazing on the beats. What other producers you’d work with?

We write and produce our own material. Einstein is the back bone. He does all the producing . Andy and I add our two cents here and there.

What other genre’s do you like? Favorite artists?

Classic rock, Blues, Jazz and Reggae!

When’s the solo project dropping and what’s to be expected?

I’m currently working on a side project called Blown Celebs. We just released a 12â€? on our own label, Threepointfive, which has now merged with 8th @ Dawson. We’re currently working on a major distribution deal here in the US so you should be hearing more about Threepointfive and Dawson real soon. Other artists on the label are The Halfway House Mcee’s, Community Service, Pkon, and K Swiss who is also a member of Blown Celebs and Community Service. I’ll also be dropping a Dizzy Dustin solo album in the near future.

2003’s best hip-hop album, beside your own is?

Let me name a couple. I’d have to say The Procussions ‘As Iron Sharpens Iron’, Pigeon John ‘Pogeon John Is Dating Your Sister’, LA Symphony ‘THE Balcony EP’, High and Mighty ‘The Highlight Zone’ and Aesop Rock’s ‘Bazooka Tooth’.

UD have mastered humor, how about some more politically charged tunes?

You never know what’s brewing up! I like to consider ourselves a group that has no boundaries. That’s the beauty of UD. We do what we want. It just might be a gangster album, or a jiggy album. Maybe even a country album. Who knows?

Will Meat Shake be distributing their secret in UK restaurants?

We’re actually on the verge of opening the first meat shake in the UK! Based out of London!

How’s family and friends reacted to the success of UD?

Nothing changed. We’re all pretty much grounded. We have good friends and family. Most people know what we’re about and treat us the same way we’ve always been treated.

I’m sure a lot have been achieved to date, but any big ambitions?

I guess you could say my big ambition is to have a successful record company. I realize now that you have more control of what music comes out if you’re the one putting it out. Ugly Duckling can only do so much. I would love to have twenty more groups like us. Power in numbers!

A final word to all the true heads digging your music?

Thanks for all the support! We really do appreciate it!