Cafe Recordings

January 26th, 2004

Cafe Recordings

How it all began, who’s a part of the team, what releases they have coming up, what they’re playing in the office and the elements of hip-hop

When, where and by who was Cafe Recordings founded?

Cafe Recordings was born in Daddy Jaes dining room where we used to record all our tracks and free style sessions on his 8 track. Early 1999.

What’s your current rosta of artists and musicians?

We are running with the same artists (Thee Absent, PAC and Daddy Jaes) + Creamo & Dandy will be appearing on more future projects.

What’s the most difficult aspect of being independant?

I think its got to be Cash flow, Recording / manufacturing costs can run away while your trying to recoup monies from distribution etc…

How could life as a label be made easier?

Investment would cure most problems we can think about. Marketing & PR resources. 

What can fans of Cafe Recordings expect in 2k and 4?

2003 was extreamly quiet for us in terms of releases but we have all been grafting on individual group projects and another classic style Cafe EP set for 2004.

What’s the studio environment like? Hardware up to scratch?

We have 3 well equipt operational studios now that have been built up over the years. We Record mix and master most of our material in house!

Few record labels actively support the elements of hiphop. What do you feel more record labels and artists need to do to keep KRS One happy?

Keep hip-hop as pure as possible.. We all have external influences and also work on different genre music but when we write hip-hop tracks we try to keep the elements as true to the classic sound as possible!

What albums are on rotation at Cafe Recordings HQ?

Outcast, TY, Hieroglyphics, Daddy Jaes ‘Tomorrow’s world yesterday’, Thee Absent ‘untitled’

Any nearby live dates we can check?

No body is going to see us until were finished in the Lab. Then we will be touching down with a Cafe Mini tour (Full crew) keep peeping for all future projects and dates.