Infinite Livez

June 29th, 2004

Infinite Livez

The man behind the fantastic Bush Meat album lets us in on what Barry Convex is working on, what his best album art is, his attitude towards the UK scene and more.

Which part of the land do you come from and what’s your feelings on the UK scene in general?

I’m from east London, and I’m happy to be part of a growing scene that seems to be going from strength to strength…yeah!!

Anyone not in the know has to be forgiven for getting garage, 2 step, jungle, and rap all mixed up. What’s the best term for your music and the U.K. rap scene in general?

I really don’t care too much about labelling things, it’s just a means to keep heads divided and make things easier to sell to punters.

Who do you think’s making exciting noise at the moment and holds the potential to make that long awaited breakthrough of rap in the UK to the masses?

Kid Acne, Foreign Beggars, Lo-Tek Hi-Fi, New Flesh, Gamma, Sir Ster, Passive 65. All the above are gonna be big because they stand in opposition to the “long awaited breakthrough” you mentioned and are about bringing the listeners something new.

How do you rate your chances and are you up for the broadsheet columns and NME covers?

I aint too bothered about hitting the broad sheets. I don’t think it’s healthy to be overly concerned with media coverage (and you can quote me on that).

What’s the thinking behind your artist name?

The “living” are like the crust of a wave, we are supported by the great ocean of the dead. We rise, have your brief moment of existence and return back to our source, only to be followed by a fresh wave of being. Hence “Infinite Livez”, oh and it also has something to do with computer games too.

For those not in the know, what projects have you released so far?

“Bush Meat” (Big Dada/2004)
“Sumfink 4 Nafink” (Big Dada/2003)
“Emceeme” (Big Dada/2003)
“Pononee Girl” (Big Dada/2003)
“No More Bananas” Extra Yard (Big Dada/2002)
“Niceness” Extra Yard (Big Dada/2002)
“Live and Learn” (Camshot Records/2002)

How did you find the reaction to your latest album? Any learning curves you’ve ridden?

I don’t really like to look back. You gotta deal with the here and now. I’m happy to have gotten the chance to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Everyone has been really supportive and I’m appreciative but it may not always be like this so I’m just trying to stay focused. Saying that I’m a bit surprised with the whole “acid-rap” label that I’m being associated with, I don’t really do any drugs at all.

What’s next in the pipe line for you? Single releases, gigs, anything…

Going to Barcelona on June 29th. Not got any single releases lined up but look out for the video of the Lactating man on TV. and a possible Kid Acne project.

What can fans expect to see from an Infinite Livez live performance? How enjoyable do you find performing?

My live show is just about me having a lot of fun, getting open and spreading vibes. A lot of fun shit happens you have to come and see it really. If you check the website we got a bit called “Pics of U”…that’ll give you an idea of what to expect.

Your new video “Adventures of the lactating man” is one of the most entertaining tracks and visual treatments I’ve seen for ages. Have fun making it?

Yeah but it was a lot of hard work and we was working to a real tight deadline. But Ben Cobb (the director) managed to get everything sorted without any hiccups. Alas only one of the models was prepared to get her boobies out, but that’s what happens when you deal with professionals.

Do you think more rappers need to put a bit more effort into coming up with original and entertaining concepts?

Er no!! I think more rappers should do what they want to do rather than adhering to trends and stuff.

What are some of your favourite conceptual songs and music videos?

I like the MF Doom video for “Dead Bent” where he’s got a spilt screen running the same narrative but each in the opposite direction. In terms my favourite “conceptual song” I’d say Mike Ladd’s “Blade Runners”, it’s a proper afro-futurist masterpiece. Big up Mr. Ladd.

How do you rate the bog standard videos wasting up space on Channel U?

I can’t diss Channel U, I gotta big ‘em up for playing the “Live and Learn” video when nobody else would touch it. In terms of what they play I think it’s a good thing that they support so much underground black music from over here. It’s proper that U.K. heads get a chance to get their shit heard, especially when you consider the fact that we’re up against ya Beyonce’s and ya Jay z’s.

The cover art for ‘Pononee Girl’ and the design of your website are really funky. What other artists album art do you like? And does it even matter?

I like Rick James’ “Super freak” where the copper’s feeling up Rick mistaking him for a hooker. Willus Drummond’s “Making Music (with your mom)”, he’s got his head covered in tin foil, and is sporting a t-shirt that says “I’m That Nigger”. And the Butthole Surfers’ “Locus Abortion Technician” it’s the baby on the back cover that really does it for me he looks so terrifying.

What’s your general routine for creating a track? Does the beat come first and then the lyrics, the other way round or is it entirely difference each time?

It’s different each time, what can I say? I don’t want to give away my secrets. You’ll just have to go back to the studio in a hundred years time and study the material like how mans do Van Gogh now.

As has Tommy Evans, you’ve mentioned before that Roland Rat has been an influence. Quite possibly the most unsung hero of hip-hop?

Roland’s “Rat Rapping” is a very good track, it has a lot of “britishness” about it, and that was long before a U.K. accent became standard for emcees in this country. In a way Roland is right up there with Smiley Culture, Dominic, Ian Dury and John Cooper Clark.

Tell us about Barry Convex. What’s he up to?

Well right now his working on a cure for Aids that he learned off a South African marabout. His having problems getting the final go ahead from the health authorities as the cure can only be administered through his little furry member.

Wanna throw out any shout outs and put downs?

Big up The Melanin Man, English Jon, Dick Blade, Sir Thompson, Sebastian Cloud, Claati Brother No. 2, Gandhi Warhol, Jay Wackovits, Tonk Honkey, The Boucement Queen, Edna, Lord Long, Daley Floss and the Centre of Gravity, and The Bukkake Twins.