Psycho Realm

July 19th, 2004

Psycho RealmNew contributor Mark asks the LA boys about their beginnings, linking up with B Real of Cypress Hill and what’s in stores for listeners of ‘A War Story Book 2’.

So where did Psycho realm begin?

Big Duke: The Psycho Realm began on the streets of 17th and Union in the city of Los Angeles, that’s where were from. The Pico-Union District is one of the worst areas in Los Angeles, full of poverty, recently arrived immigrants, drug abuse, and neighbourhood warfare. The neighbourhood was always full of sick heads being that we grew up right across the street from a park, Toberman park. The streets where the parks are always seem to be the craziest, since parks are a preferred spot for the homeboys to hang out at. I remember a time when bullets flew at least three times daily. Straight war zone. Nowhere to go, this was our home. Most of the homeboys we grew up with are doing hard time. Not proud of that fact, its just a reality. We were always musically inclined. We always stuck with the music over the warfare. We always wanted to bring something different to the music world: from the group name, to the lyrics, style of delivery, to the music. Our experiences on the streets with drugs, the law, and life is what we write about. We dont see ourselves as rappers, were more like neighbourhood reporters…

How did the collaboration with B-Real come about?

Big Duke: We hooked up with B at an End Barrio Warfare (End Neighbourhood Warfare) concert at Placita Olvera in Los Angeles. We were performing and he happened to show up during our set. He talked to us after the show and signed us. He later decided to join the group.

What’s been happening since the first Psycho realm LP?

Big Duke: We decided to leave Ruffhouse/Columbia because we felt that they weren’t promoting our record the right way. We started the Sick Symphonies label and recorded songs for the ‘A War Story Book I and II’ albums and a few other songs. I got shot in the neck and that slowed us down a bit, but the albums got done and released. Sick Jacken has also been working on collaborations with other groups. Some of the groups include Street Platoon, Son Doobiest, Delinquent Habits, Blink 182, B Real, Los Razos, Cartel De Santa, 2 Mex, Cypress Hill en Espanol, and appeared on ’The Truth’ commercials (seen on TV).

When is the new LP coming out?

Big Duke: The new album ‘A War Story Book II’ was released in the middle of November 2003. It holds 15 tracks featuring Sick Jacken and Big Duke with guest appearances by Crow and Cynic of Street Platoon.

What should we expect to hear?

Big Duke: You can expect to hear the same sick style of rhyming over melodramatic music depicting life on the streets.

Is there anything you’d like to say (wise words/bullshit/shouts)

Big Duke: Do everything you want to do in life because you never know when that last breath will come. Pick up ‘A War Story Book II’ if you want to hear some real raw street music. And check out the websites and Stay down…

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