July 19th, 2004


An informative conversation between Mark and group member Winchester about the process of recording, what material’s coming our way and juggling family life with music.

Where has Pentalk been over the last few years?
Getting married and having kids. Haha. We have been recording tracks and doing the odd show etc, but we haven’t been pushing things to the max if you know what I mean. We get together about once a month to record. We would like to do more but I live in south Wales and Perge ,Casey and Sowetto are all from Birmingham, so we all have to juggle our time to make sure we are all free for a weekend or something… Shortchange is still in jail. He will be out either Jan 2005 or July 2005 so that will explain why there haven’t been many tracks with change on in the past five years….Also, Di Natch moved to Canada, but we are sorting some tracks via the net now with him.

After the release of Soweto’s huge “Conversations with the unseen” Jazz LP in 2003 are we going to see a different Pentalk this time around?

Yes, Soweto’s album was his own project with his jazz band, so yes you def going to see some pure hip hop music coming from us this year.

Has UK Hip-hop politics changed much and is it better or worse?
I really don’t know if things have changed, but what I do know is that some people will help you and be honest with you and some wont, and I have to say big up to the planets on that point who have always delivered what they said they would. Are things better now or worse? Again I really don’t know. We haven’t tried to muscle in on anyone’s business .YET

How has loosing DJ Drastic (RIP) effected the crew?

It has been another wake up call that you can loose someone close to you at anytime and over nothing. Short Change and Drastic had some heavy tracks ready. They were working on tracks for a while and then bang, Drastic gone. We will always wait for Short Change to be out of jail before too much is said about Drastic as those two rolled together 247. It would be more fitting for Change to speak about him. RIP

Do you find it hard juggling music and your family life?
Yes but we do it. We make sure when we get together now, we get it right. My wife moves out for the weekend then its on. We all get together at the studio which is in a room at my house and we just vibe. I normally build beats when my son is tucked up in bed. That way I spend as much time with him as possible, and also I don’t get disturbed. Then once I got a new beat done I send it to Birmingham to the boys and they get writing. They also have to juggle around family life. Once the songs are written we get the recording session on. We are now all making more time for music so we can really push our material a lot further. Maybe even get some help from a label etc.

Does your son like Hip Hop?

My son is 2 and a half but he’s got a steady headnod for a nice hip hop beat. He’s always hitting the SP or MPC pads when they are on …so yes I guess he does like it.
What do you have in the pipeline?

OK Def the mixtape. That has got some old classics we done back in the early 90 s all the way up till now. A lot of stuff unheard, also freestyles and remix on there as well. Perge comes down next weekend to record a new track which will go together with a solo from Casey and 2 other PTK tracks and we gonna push these to the max. Then take things from there. I am submitting some tracks to Imran from The Planets for their new album. Watch out for an Ikwon track.

Do you have any shout outs/promotional messages etc…

Massive shout out to all the Pentalk supporters for being very loyal and patient. Big shout out to de Marvlest, a big shout out to Realson from Germany, a wicked producer. The planets, MSI, blade and all other good UK groups, and of course you and all the headnod crew. If anyone wants to do a collabo with us or is looking for beats hit us up

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  1. dominiqua murray Says:

    Casey from pentalk is my dad and i am so proud of him and i love him so much