Mr Len

July 19th, 2004

Mr Len

The ex Company Flow rapper talks about what he’s done since the split, what’s coming up and Dummysmacks…

After the split of company Flow you’ve seemed very busy. What projects have you been working on over the past few years?

First there was the “Pity the Fool” album, then I did some songs on Jean Grae’s album as well as DJ for her. The Roosevelt Franklin album “Something’s Got to Give” with Kimani Rogers. Started my label Smacks Records and put out “Take Yo Ass to the Store” with Murs and “Competition” which is the Kice…Of Course single. Currently I’m finishing Kice’s full length. All that and DJing parties and shows where I’m invited.

Are you still in contact with Big Jus and EL-P?

I still speak with them somewhat often. As far as I know they still speak with each other also. We’re all still cool with each other.

You recently put out an album. What was the reason behind the project?

I did the album to keep good music in the market and to let folks know I’m still here and I’m not going to stop making music. Also, I wanted to experiment with different styles and artists.

What inspired you to do “Taco Day” feat Jean Grae?

The song of course was inspired by true events. Jean and I wanted to make a song that would make an impact and which had a point. We wanted to show all aspects and attitudes of these tragedies.

What’s the idea behind the website Dummysmacks?

The website is me doing any and everything that I want do. It’s a vehicle to get myself into trouble and to have fun in the process. It also keeps people updated on my “GOINGS ON’S”

Do you have anything in the pipeline?

The Kice.. Off Course album and my new album. Both on Smacks. There is also a CD I’m putting out called “Class X” which is a tribute to my Co.Flow years. It has remixes and unreleased songs as well as songs that you already know.

You’ve said before that you would work with EL-P. Is this still possible?

I’d still do work with both El and Juss.

Any messages for the kids

DUMMYSMACKS are real! Be a giver and not a recipient of these gifts to the intelligently challenged.