Baby J

July 26th, 2004

Baby J

Mark talks with the producer behind one of the singles of the year, I’ll Be Suprised, and some unreleased Dead Prez gems about being white in the states and what’s currently in the works.

You seem to have gone on the missing recently, what’s been going on over the last couple of years?

I’ve been working on the music still but real life has to be addressed. Over here it’s hard to make a living out the hip hop industry. I got a family to support so like every other broke man I’ve been trying to keep food on the table at the same time as trying to do this music thing. My man Yogi dropped his first album back in 2001 and then we had the Moorish delta 7 LP in 2002. Shabazz the Disciple dropped an LP earlier this year so I’ve been on the grind, just been trying to survive at the same time.

What was it like recording with Dead Prez?

Dead Prez have taken tracks off me for both their albums but none of the tracks have yet made their albums. We got a few tracks set up but we haven’t recorded a lot. Being around Stic and M is always an education because they’re people that are always trying to sharpen themselves and being around that environment rubs off on you. I can say that of all of peoples army. Regardless of anything artistic I’ll always have Dead Prez’s back because they’re doing important work, work that counts.

You have worked with quite a few US artists. How do they differ from those in the UK?

Poor black people is poor black where ever you at. The only real difference I can say is its more of an issue, me being white over there. Over here even in a ghetto area you always got one white kid that roles with the lads. When I was first out in the states regular, I was staying with Shabazz in Redhook projects and there were NO other white people around (except the pigs) so I think even though I’ve had a lot of love shown to me, a lot of artists are suspicious when they first meet you.

Who has been the most fun/enjoyable to work with over the years?

FUN! ha! Most of my best work has been done with good friends and they’re usually a pain in the fuckin ass to work with! I think a lot of real creative work is so important to the people doing it that its never a relaxed atmosphere so its often a warzone over the smallest of things. Although when I worked with MSI Asylum that was mad fun, those guys are a comedy show in the studio!

What are you working on now?

We got the new Yogi LP ‘Bear Necessities’ out early September which is hot. There’s an album from the people army group Alikes called ‘Live or Die’ that drops September 27th. And there’s the Skinnyman LP out August and new artists I.G. and a soul artist, Laurissa with stuff coming soon.

How did you get involved with the “Council estate of mind” LP.

I’ve known Skinny for a while and we had worked together when he was on Talkin Loud. Then he got banged up again. When he came home we got up and did a few tracks that are on the LP, one of which ‘Ill be surprised’ which he’s used as the single. I’m really proud of him because its a good album and he’s talkin some real shit on there.

Its been a long time since your “Birth” LP. When is your next album dropping?

I’m almost finished recording my second Baby J LP. Its gonna be called F.T.P. (fuck the police) and I’m trying to find a situation for it to be out early next year. It features all the artists mentioned above and a few more.

Any shout outs/promotional messages for the peoples?

White people working in the black music industry should support reparations and give 25% of their income to poor black people. Don’t EVER talk to police unless to give your name address etc. and only when you have to (lie when possible). If I eat you eat. Role together as a team with your people and make there problems your problems. All power to the people.