August 9th, 2004


A chat with the UK graffiti artist about what part of being a graff head he enjoys most, his opinion on the recent fuss in the media about graffiti and the use of stencils.

Which part of England are you based and what areas are people most likely to be able to spot your work in?

I’m based in South London. You might catch a glimpse of some of my work, but most of it gets buffed so quickly these days!

How long have you been a graffiti artist and what’s been the one most enjoyable moment in your career?

I used to write a long time ago. I probably stopped in 1990 after getting raided & shit too many times. I settled down for a long time. Work, Son, etc… But still was into graff. Then after seeing the scene changing… stencils, stickers and general mad street art, I decided to put some stuff together.

The best times? The best times were going yards, definitely yards We used to smash the Northern Line (I was such a vandal then).

What’s your reaction to the recent blubber on the news about graffiti making people as fearful as drug dealers etc etc?

BULLSHIT You walk round any estate, what you scared of ? Tags & throw ups? Fuck you! Anyway they’re never gonna stop it now, it’s too late. Graff is on the up! It’s bigger than ever. Now you got an age range of about 8 – 35 yrs olds. Yards have got CCTV and fuck off fences, yet I see more graff on tubes and trains than the old days when it was easy!

Which graffiti artists, UK based or otherwise do you most enjoy seeing the work of?

I appreciate all graffiti art, from all the big UK names down to the little toys that just tag down their street! There’s too much going on! I’m feeling it all, chrome dubz, 3D letters, stencils, stickers, train bombers. It all puts a little smile on my face.

What’s the benefit of making a stencil of a piece rather than going out and spraying something up freehand?

There’s no benefit, it’s just something I’ve got into, but if I put up a one colour stencil on a wall, it will get noticed more than the tags next to it!

What’s your personal favourite piece that you’ve done yourself so far?

“When we were Kingz” Dedicated to some of London’s lost writers.

Got any tips for beginners who are having trouble with the problem of getting cramp when cutting the stencil?

Stencilling isn’t easy but it sure is fun!

Could you recommend the best brand paint to use?


Quite a few of your pieces have pictures of hip-hop icons or faces. What’d you say is the link between graffiti art and hip-hop in 2004?

Graffiti isn’t linked to hip hop. Graffiti is Hip Hop, as is DJing, breaking & rapping. We’re all one family!

Wild Style, Style Wars or Break Beat?

Style Wars (pt2 DVD)

Does it make you frown when you see graffiti art being used in advertising campaigns or high street clothing ranges?

Yeah and most of its shit! They should at least use real writers. Not some pansy designer. FUCK FCUK!

What’d you say was the current standard of graffiti in the UK?

No I think we got some real talent at the moment. The UK’s got tight crews in all areas: Trains, Walls, Streets.

Banksy’s a sellout or a genius or both or neither?

Who? (joke!) Too much hype & too many rumours surrounding one artist. Sellout? I don’t know what his game plan is. But at the end of the day his artwork is good and he’s up!

Anything else you’d like to say?

Hip hop is something you LIVE. Peace. wishiya2000@hotmail.com Wishya Website

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  1. pace1 Says:

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