October 7th, 2004


I’m only familiar with two female UK MC’s. One’s currently doing the Americanized thing and getting awards, chart positions and radio airplay. The other has just dropped a dope new video and single. Find out more…

How would you describe your style of rapping to potential listeners?

Conscious Northern Hip Hop

Why did you decide to take the decision to work on some solo material having been a part of Outdaville?

A ten man squad was always gonna be hectic/ a learning experience, and it was a learning experience. Plus at 21 you wanna branch out, gain independence, challenge your self and those around you.

How much of a liberating feeling was that, gaining so much more control of the music and being the sole person behind it?

Complete liberation- all I’d really known was posse track and group performances, it was like starting again. Compiling tracks- plural and live shows solo was a whole new, scary and exciting experience.

Looking back, what’s your feelings of the scenes reception of your self titled EP?

That E.P released in august 2003 got nuff positive feedback and on a couple of levels, the buyers, the DJs and music mags.

Why’ve you decided to set up your own record label and are there any other artists involved besides yourself?

Am a believer in D.I.Y. as an artist I was already doing parts of several jobs, promo /marketing / management etc… myself and others are pleased with my progress this past 12 months and what I have planned to do next. Recognising this I will be giving those same opportunities to other artists to get started via Dark Whisper Records.

What’s your most recent release and what’s soon to come? Working on anything exciting you wanna tell us?

Am very excited about the single and video which is out Now entitled STAN BAC, and yes there is gonna be more to come, and soon so check out www.c-mone.co.uk for regular updates.

Do you work with a regular producer or make many of your own beats and what sort or rhythms do you prefer?

Primarily I work with my main producer, the amazing musician/singer/producer Nick Stez, and then there’s the very talented DJ Fever who’s hot to death. I love to work with new people too, artists and producers. I do make beats too under the name Barbie Analogue….

I read that you’re into literature and poetry. Are there any writers you can say have influenced the way that you approach writing your lyrics?

I love a range: Shakespeare, Hamlet, Andrew Salkey’s tales, D H Lawrence, Benjamin Zephaniah poems, Esco and 2pac verses to name a just few. I don’t seem to have enough time to read books these days with study- but am trying to make the time

I think your vocals could really suit performance poetry. Ever done an open mic at one of those poetry things?

Nope but I’d love to, hint hint…

Which other female MC’s in England do you rate and what international ladies have been an inspiration on you to do what you do?

The Female in the UK I rate is Estelle, she’s done really well and internationally I like Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah as an all rounder — very inspirational.

It seems like female artists across all genres in the UK at the moment are being given more attention and respect at the moment. Agree?

Agree and disagree, yep the majors are paying the ladies more attention, the marketing angles gonna get em every time, but women getting more respect depends on each the person/ people/scenario.

Have any releases, gigs etc you wanna plug or shout outs?

Am due in France this month, don’t known details but check website for more info, more scorching new tracks due soon x C-Mone

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    i thnk cmone ur realy good!