Jabba The Kut

October 10th, 2004

Jabba The Kut

Check out this very informative Q&A’s on current and future releases, catering to an artists request for a beat, the UK scene, what’s going down in Bournemouth and more!

Wassup, introduce yaself to our readers…

Easy peeps. DJ Jabba Tha Kut signing in. Representing Bare Records/Zest DJ Etc! 

Any awesomely entertaining anecdote about why you came up with that ‘stage name’?

Not really Tee man. I was in a turntablist crew called ‘The Empire’ with two other DJ’s who went by the names of ‘Handz Solo’ & ‘Boba Threat’...So they came up with the idea. Simple as bruv!

How long have you been involved in this music and what was it that really pushed you into wanting to do what you do?

I’ve been into hip-hop for 13 years now man. Ageing B-Boy I suppose! With regards to actually making a mark for myself in this game, I’d say I’ve been making moves for about 8 years now, trying to get myself out there and heard by the heads. When you get people like Ty, Harry Love, Perverts, Mystro etc coming up to you and saying ‘Damm man it’s Jabz, really feeling your shit’ etc, that makes you feel fucking good. Trust me!

After watching videos featuring Jazzy Jeff, Fresco and Mix etc, that’s when I knew I got to do this man! I’ve always loved the turntablism side of the scene, that’s where my heart is at. Just keep learning new moves etc is enough to keep me motivated.

What’s been your most enjoyable moment in hip-hop to date?

I’d have to say doing my 15 minutes showcase before the X-Ecutioners at Scratch at the Scala! Man that was dope!

What region of this little crappy country do you reside and is there much of a scene there in terms of hiphop nights/events and artists?

I hail from the boogie down town of Bournemouth on the south coast. The scene’s not too bad coz the best hip-hop night in the south is held by myself and DJ Cursa entitled ‘Spin’. This is held every Friday night 9pm to 3am at the consortium! (Free entry). Friday 22nd of October features Peanut Butter Wolf. Wednesday 10th November features Scratch Perverts and the 1st of December features the US DJ Spinbad There’s also another night I do now and again called ‘Urban Freestyle’ which is held every month at the K-Bar. This features MC battles in the style of 8 Mile!

With regards to other artists, you’ve got my man DJ X-rated (strictly beats). Second To None Breakers. Top notch MC named Suicyde (Cut Above Records). D&B outfit Aquaskly. DJ Switch-Blade Dixon (Lost Souls)...Think that’s about it dude!

What have you released so far?

Quite a few mix CD’s and tapes. UK/Independent hip-hop.

My track taken from my forthcoming album ‘The Wax Buzzard Meets Jabba Tha Kut’ entitled ‘Double Bombing’ featuring me ol’ mucker Mr Thing was put on the recently released ‘Return of the DJ 5.5 Optimised’ CD compilation by Bomb Records (San Fran).

Also another track lifted off my album entitled ‘The Big Surprise’ was put on the Suspect Files Part Two release by Disorda. My new 12” EP on Bare Records called ‘Nightcrawlers/Shadows’ featuring two heavy MC’s by the names of Salvo and Suicyde is due out in November. Look out for that one. I’m also working on an album at the mo with my man Suicyde which is being released on Bare Records aw well. Big up to Rob for working his arse off

ALSO, I’ve done cuts for my man Dubbledge on his ‘Overstand’ track out soon on Hidden Agenda Entertainment. Hot hot release! and to return the compliment Edge has laced 2 of my tracks with his superb vocals on ‘Don’t Interupt’ and ‘U Handle Me?’. Trust me, these are gonna be big. No release date or label yet! Watch this space folks!.

And to continue, I’ve produced beats for my pal Blade, my man Kashmere (for his new LP due out early next year). I’ll be handling the cuts for the tracks. Out on Receptor Records.

Also just done the cuts for ‘1000 Possibilities’ remix for Salvo’s new EP. Watch out for that one. That’s the one!

FINALLY there’s a video in the making of my track ‘Shadows’ featuring Salvo for Channel U! 

What’s the release date of the forthcoming LP?

The release for ‘The Wax Buzzard meets Jabba Tha Kut’ is scheduled at the moment for the end of this month. Failing that, defo next month!

Can you let us in on what we should expect from it?

8 tracks of tight hiphop beats. Tight cuts from some of the UK’s best DJ’s. Tight vocals from two very different MC outfits and artwork for the sleeve which is sick, by my man Koma.

How long have you been working on it and what labels it on?

I’ve been working my fingers to the bone on this slab of vinyl for about a year. That’s the trouble when artists are so busy doing their own thang.

How was it collaborating with established names like Mr Thing and Skully and developing artists like Salvo?

All I can say is smoooooth. I’ve known Mr Thing and Skully for quite a few years now so we all pretty much know each others styles and stuff so that made things a lot easier! Working with Salvo is always a pleasure. This kid is one to watch for man. The enthusiasm is seeping outta this guy straight onto the tracks. Very quick learner of his trade which makes my job a lot easier!

Is there a particular approach you take in making beats for artists or do you just dig into your vaults and see what suits who?

Man, I’m constantly making beats so if someone asks me for a beat or to do them a track I’ll dredge through my beats and see which would go with that artist. But sometimes you’ll wanna start from scractch and get the whole feel of the track with that particular artist.

What’s the last great UK hip-hop release you’ve purchased?

Asaviour 12” Money In The Bank remix featuring Kyza and Yungun. Jehst’s production is off the hook on this man!

Is there anything that people involved in the scene should be doing more of to insure its development and stability?

I personally think the UK scene is flourising at the moment man. As long as we keep up the standard of what we’re doing at the moment. I think the future’s bright…sounds like the Orange Mobile advert Haha.

Any shout out’s or promo messages you wanna drop before this is through?

Big up to your goodself Tee man. Thanks for the review and support man. Rob at Bare Records. Salvo, Suicyde, Dybersity, Dubbledge, 184, Blade, Respek-BA, Tigerstyles, Mr Thing, Skully, First Rate, Harry Love, Mystro, Joey Brains, Skinnyman, DJ Flip, Disorda, Woody, MK, Mixologists, Perverts, Renegade and Mada. + Everyone else that knows me!

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