Conspiracy Radio

October 10th, 2004

Conspiracy Radio

Conspiracy Radio is a newly formed internet radio station giving a ton of time and energy to the UK scene. Check out what Mr. Montana had to say about what the stations aims are.

How did you come up with the name Conspiracy UK?

I sat for hours with about sixteen different thinking caps on and couldn’t come up with anything at all. Then one of my mates suddenly text me and proposed Conspiracy…and that’s where it all began. Shouts to AJ Doy Y!

How long did it take to get the station set up from the original idea to now?

Well, it was difficult setting everything up – technically that is. I have a passion for making this station work and pull in a good listener base – so that fire helped me keep pushing on and on until I got what I wanted. I love doing it – my wife isn’t so keen. She has to watch Emmerdale all alone these days. But as I keep saying to everyone – I’m building a robot and soon it will be able to walk by itself without its designer. They laugh too.

Can people only tune in via the website or is there/will there be a means to hear it digitally or on the airwaves one day?

The initial plan is to focus upon winning an internet audience – but with the right moves Conspiracy UK could be legally on the FM/digital band in a while. We would just need the right backing – but hopefully that will all come in time. At the moment – is the place to come
to for a true UK urban experience.

Is there any sort of manifesto of aims and ambitions that the station runs with?

The station is running with the aims to provide people with a service which supplies music that no other station will play – from rare US mainstream tracks to local unsigned UK talent – we aim to promote and push quality music that will make people turn on their computers just to tune in. Every DJ on the station must have that passion to want to give people music that, unless they tuned in, they wouldn’t hear on any other station. Of course, there will be some popular music but overall, we will supply rare, unique music to the Conspiracy UK audience.

Do you feel you’re filling a void? What do you make of other hip-hop stations/broadcasts?

I (Mista Monatana) have been involved in the pirate scene for about ten years and I have seen stations come and stations go. Why? Because they tried to do what next man is doing – we wont be doing that. As I just mentioned, you can be assured that when you tune in you will get something totally different. So yes, we are filling a void – particularly in our promotion of pure non-commercial UK hip hop. As for other stations – I cant really comment, they do their own thing yeh.

What would you say is the most underlying problem or issue for a new and independent broadcaster of underground and UK hip-hop?

Exposure – getting net users to actually know you exist. That’s why I ask all listeners to go tell a friend and promote what they are listening to. We MUST let people know we are available and that’s really hard with so much competition. SO PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT AND SPREAD THA WORD!! CONSPIRACY UK

How forthcoming have artists, labels and other organisations or crews to do with hip-hop been in supporting your launch?

Excellent – we have had really positive feedback from many UK and US artists about our project. We have had promos sent through etc and always promise to promote any music we are sent. So any artists out there please contact me on and we will promote your music. Some users have been very bitchy but that’s all good – they cant accept that we are pirate radio and much better than any of their little tin pot transmissions from grimy tower blocks – that style of pirate radio has definitely lost its way now. The Net is the future – SO come be part of it.

Can you tell us a little about the DJ’s you’ve currently got on the schedule and the types of music we’re likely hear across each of the shows?

Well, I run the station and we have DJs who play non-stop underground and mainstream UK Hip Hop – there are US DJs on the station, including a mix tape DJ from Florida. Then we have a strong cohort of other DJs who play other forms of underground urban music including – soul/funk/old skool dance/drum n bass/chillout/jazz/breakbeat – VERY varied line-up. But they are all on the site, along with a bio for each DJ so please come look.

We also have a good UK Unsigned Talent Section – with free MP3s. And a Merchandise section, where labels can put some of their records etc. Then, coming in 2005 we are going to launch Conspiracy Records – the first UK Record label to take over the UK scene. First we must clear up the
radio scene then the record industry lol. Nah we thinking big tho it has to be that way.

How important do you feel the internet and new media is in helping to support and give exposure to the small UK hip-hop scene? Is it the future?

Yes, it is very important. Hopefully our station and subsequent record label will make some very talented people household names throughout the world. So please send an e mail if ya got skills:

Have you got any shoutouts, promo messages or vacancies to put out there before this wraps up?

All I can say is take time to come check the site and come take some of the free MP3s etc. Any DJs out there / artists out there who wanna be part of what we are doing then please email me on Also any companies who would like to advertise through our organisation please get in touch – we offer low low prices on all advertising.