Speech Defect

November 9th, 2004

Speech Defect

These guys are friendly, entertaining and sound cool. Check out this Q&A’s with the best crew out of Sweden, who have put out a few releases now as well as worked with Ugly Duckling and People Under The Stairs.

For those that don’t know, can you introduce yourself?

We are Speech Defect, a three man strong hip hop group coming out of Sweden.

Which one of you came up with the groups name and why?

It’s funny, former member Thage (still our homeboy) just translated the name of a Swedish punk band from the eighties into English and that’s Speech Defect. It also works well for us since a lot of people seem to notice that our accent is neither American nor English, even though not so many people mind…it’s good music that matters you know!

Can you run us through what music you’ve released?

Our first 12” came in 2000. Being rather limited, not so many know about it but Mr Bongo sold a lot of that one. We put out about 5-6 singles and one album (“Freshcoast getting rowdy”) up to this day and there was also a CD put out in Japan recently.

Is there anything you’re working on at the moment?

Yeah, we just completed a song with Thes One from People Under the Staris who is a real cool guy. We hooked up in Stockholm and just made it happen. We have that and a few other songs ready so there will be new single out soon. Prao-d and Boogie B also has a solo project on Jugglin/Raw Fusion coming out early january 2005.

How do you find not rapping in your native language?

Good, Swedish rap sucks.

Do you record much material in your mother tongue?

Not since 1994!

How was the experience on the road with Ugly Duckling?

Very nice experience, those guys are sick yo. Performing every day for about a month, that’s hectic life for real. But we had a really good time.

Did you relate to their track ‘Opening Act’ at all?

Yeah, we actually incorporated that track into our own show, since we were now in their old shoes! It was a much appreciated part of our show.

Is Pigeon John, who joined you on the road with them, as mad off stage as he is on?


When do you think you’re next be on our UK shores?

Hopefully soon, our manager is working on that right now. Cannot say too much now though since nothing has been decided yet.

Which artists do you take inspiration from?

Hmm, all good music basically. It rarely comes down to just one artist. We’re into a lot of shit you know, funk, breaks, 80´s and 90´s hip hop shit, dub and reggae some house shit even if it is the good shit.

What’s your countries hip-hop scene like?

It sort of died now but a few years ago any rapper with a shaved head and attitude would get a record deal if he rapped in English. They never sold any units though (most of them) and now major labels sort of lost their interest. Underground hip hop is also sort of experiencing some hard times, since most venues only take interest in what ever is considered cool at the moment. Most DJ´s lost touch with reality playing top 20 chart music and still claim to be “real” and “true to hip hop”, it’s funny though, since we got nothing to do with it!

Can you suggest any artists from there we should hear?

There are still a few real cool cats out here like label mate Freddie Crueger (Red Astaire), Hearin Aid and Up Hygh. Then there are some more eclectic artists like Hands and Nadasdi but also good rappers like Black Fist.

Do you have any shout out’s you wanna make?

Peace to Ugly Duckling, PUTS, Breakestra, DJ Format and Pigeon John, also swedish heads Raw Fusion, Snickars Records, Recordmania etc…Peace