November 25th, 2004


Jibbarish of the Iron Bridge crew talks about his current 12” release, the tons of projects in the pipeline, working as a solo artist and what producers he’s been using the beats of. Also, what releases he’s enjoyed lately and touring.

What’s the current status of Iron Bridge?

Myself and Verbals are working on our solo albums. Just getting them finished at the moment, which is good coz we’ve both learnt a lot since the Bridge album and it’s just a chance to do what we wanna do as solo artists.

Is Iron Bridge working on any thing or planning to?

Yeah we’re gonna do another Bridge album and a Human Vermin EP. There is also an Iron Bridge compilation in the making which features a whole load of artists from Essex and other areas – Human Vermin, Change, Ill Psychosis, Cappo, Apocraphe and some new Iron Bridge tunes. The list goes on. I think that’s nearly ready to drop.

Last time we spoke you mentioned an Iron Bridge/The Colony EP. We still gonna get that one day?

Yeah I think it’s still gonna happen, but obviously everyone’s mad busy at the moment doing their thing, but when everything’s finished and pressed it could well happen. It’s definitely something we’ve spoke about. It will be good to do something with them boys. I know Cons is busy doing his thing but we’re all hard workers on the music point so keep your ears pealed.

How did the decision to do solo stuff come about?

After the Bridge album dropped, we were waiting on a lot of money to come back etc, so I just started to write a solo album and press it on the cheap to make some quick cash. I was selling them up town to people I knew liked hiphop. I started with about 15 albums to sell, to get the money for more albums pressed and then sold them to get more albums pressed and it saved me money on sending them out for reviews. I got rid of a couple of hundred in just over a week coz the word spread so I decided to change some beats and tracks and re- press the album properly and keep the original one as a limited edition LP. I think Verbs has just decided to do the same i think. He was gonna do an EP but it turned into an album too. Sounds nice though. Nice beats and rhymes but I haven’t heard it all properly yet.

Does it feel liberating going it alone on the mic?

No not really. I think it’s good to have someone back you up on stage if they know your lyrics well enough. But if you wanna be an MC, know the ledge.

How deep are you into solo material now?

I’ve finished my solo album. I’m just waiting on the new artwork but i’m still writing and recording solo tracks. I always have been. Some things in your head have to be kept solo as no one else is gonna be on that level with ya, especially if I’m writing some dark story or something. But I think me and Jaimez might work on an EP together. I think his beats suit my rhyming style.

What producers are you working with, and any collabs?

Pager, Jaimez, Illson Of Phonetics, Ity of Ill Psychosis and Shain Caw. I don’t really care about using certain people’s names to sell more units. If I’m feelinh the beats ill use them and these are my crew and id rather they got recognition than some dude I don’t even know. Coz they all make good beats.

How did you find the reception to Drop Bombs/White Sharks?

Yeah its been good. Very good actually. A lot of heads are talking about it and giving me props. I think we’re talking about maybe doing a video for it, not sure yet. Obvioulsy there’re people not feeling it too, but that’s cool. That’s what keeps you going. I personally thrive off it.

What’s the next release we can expect?

Couldn’t tell ya for definite. Maybe the new Bridge album, maybe the Verrmin. Who knows!

Has the forthcoming LP got a label and title?

Yeah, Immortal and its on Iron Bridge Records.

Could you treat us to some info on some of the track titles, topics, vibes etc?

Planet Of The Fakes, Cannibal Island, Attack Of The Junkies and Someone’s Gonna Get Hurt. The topics are self explanatory really.

What recent UK rap releases have you enjoyed and what artists are you looking forward to the new releases of?

I’m feeling Dark Circle, Aspects, Junior Disprol, I.P, Shain Caw, Concentration Camp, Task Force… All the rugged shit. It would be nice to hear that Gunshot are releasing a new LP but they’re not.

I keep hearing people talking about how you give Twista a run for his money for the ‘fastest rapper in the world’ title. Did you have a proper stand off with Guinness Book of Records or something?

No no no. I’m not tryna claim to be the fastest or the best or the nastiest. I’m just doing what I do best.

Have you ever dabbled in some of genre’s where mcing can be pretty intense and high speed like Dnb or Garage?

NO! Strictly hip hop. I hate garage. I think its mainly for mc’s who aren’t quite good enough to rap. I cant handle drum and bass either. It’s too much for the mental. I was tryna rap fast way back in the day. I think Chip Fu from the Fuschnickens was my inspiration.

Will you be doing many live shows to promote your new stuff coming out?

Yeah for sure. I think I might have a show in Bristol soon, and the Bidge are still doing whatever comes up. I’m not really tryna be a solo artist but I would still get Verbs to back me up on stage whatever, so it wouldn’t really be that much different to a Bridge gig.

In my interview with Ironbridge, the words you guys wanted to finish up on were simply ‘Cunt, just for shock value’. What you wanna say this time?

Period pussy. Peace.