November 28th, 2004


I caught up with the producer of, amongst other things, the new Jibbarish 12” release. He talks on studio’s, the scene, what he’s done and what he’s planning and tons more.

Who are ya and in what land do you reign?

I go by the name of Jaimez, originally from Hertfordshire. I now mostly work with rappers from in and around the Essex area.

How long you been producing for? Ever say anything on the mic?

Been producing beats for nuff years mate, about 10 I suppose, but decided to get serious about 4 years ago and really put together some serious kit instead of fucking around with shit, ya know? As for rapping myself, I think not! A good man always knows his limitations; I can just about talk let alone rap!

Would you say you have a particular sound or style to your beat making, and if so can you describe it for us?

I’ve been told that I do, but I guess that can be said of most producers no? I don’t strive to achieve any type of sound. It just seems to happen that way (sounds a bit cheesy I know) and that’s that.

What releases have you been a part of and what artists have you worked with so far?

Had an album out last year “Group Therapy? with Headzache, of which I produced the whole thing except 1 track. It was a great experience for me, and a valuable one. I had a track on Jibba’s “Toilet Humour? Iron Bridge album also last year, which was cool. I got two tracks on Jibba’s latest offering “Immortal? which has done well so far I feel. I’ve also worked with Tekneek (check his new LP coming soon, I’ll be on that to) Shok, Ity, from Ill Psychosis. Emcee Backlash, Deejay Pager, Mistah Toe………Shit the list goes on! Do you really want to know them all?

What’s the Headzache crew all about? Is it a label or a collection of mates who are all involved in hip-hop?

It’s just two guys really, myself and Ennicee. A lot of people get the impression it’s a much bigger group than what it is because of the amount of artists we got on the album. The Label is “Panic Room? and was formed because we had to really. No labels were interested in us so we thought fuck them! Lets do this (like a lot of catz do now days)

It’s great! No one tells us what we can and can’t do. It’s fucking dynamite! We got a new LP coming out probably in the New Year, Ennicee will be taking over the main producer roll as I’ve been kinda busy with the whole Jibba/Bdi thing this year, but rest assured that be a hot Joint.

How was the experience of producing for the Jibbarish release Drop Bombs/White Sharks? How did you two hook up?

We met through a mutual friend (Blokey @ Big Smoke) I think about two and a half years ago, and that was when I first heard Jibb on the early IP stuff. We hooked up for the Headzache Album firstly, and then I dropped a few beats for him on the albums above I mentioned.

Drop Bombz came about really by accident; Jibb heard a little something I had sitting on my hard drive one day. The rest is history. He took it away and came back with Drop Bombz. I nearly shat when I heard it and said this has to be released no doubt! It’s all cool coz we’re signed to the same label (Bdi Records) so I went into the studio, laid some cuts over it and POW!

The over all experience of recording with Jibbarish is always a pleasure because I never know quite what he’s going to come up with next. This in turn forces me to try to do the best that I can do to make the whole thing sound phat, which I hope it does.

Will you guys be working together in the future and if so, when’s that project likely to surface?

For sure, I got a couple of hot Jibba/Jaimez joints in the studio right now in fact waiting to be mixed finalized etc… should be out the other side of Christmas hopefully. We are planning to release an EP next but it could easily turn into an album..…maybe! So that’ll be the next thing on the agenda for us, but there will probably be another couple of 12’s in between. Nothing’s final though, it never is. I’ll also be hooking up with a few other rappers for future projects.

What sort of studio set up have you got? What hardware do you make the majority of your stuff with?

Phew! It’s been a long journey my friend, I’ve had more crap equipment than you can ever imagine, It’s nice being signed to a label with a heavy studio to work in, but I still rely heavily on my trusty 2000xl for beats (Fully upgraded of course) I have a PC with every bit of software loaded on it known to man! (Which comes in handy) But I’ll never part with my MPC! Arrangements have been made for it to be buried with me.

What rappers on and off these shores would you most love to have the chance of producing for one day?

Any one who’s phat really, There’s a shit load of hot talent in this country at the moment, and if I come across such an artist who wants to work with me then it’s on baby! As for the USA right now, it’s all gone a bit too mainstream for my liking to be honest. But you got catz like Necro and Ill Bill tearing it up, Cage the whole EC thing Copywrite etc… I’d love to throw a few joints their way.

A lot of people rate the beat styles of grime, 2step, garage etc as being more imaginative and original than uk rap stuff. What would you say to that?
I would say wait and see who’s still around in 10yrs time! Hip Hop’s been around since the mid 70’S and will continue to exist for many decades to come and get stronger. The problem with these other genres of dance music is that there seems to be a different one around every other year and they never seem to last that long. I have nothing against different styles of music, quite the opposite in fact, but hip hop is unique in the fact that, a couple of kids on the street corner can make hip hop right then and there! They don’t need any equipment to jump off on the freestyle tip. You only have to look at the current music charts today to see how far the Hip Hop influence has reached into even the shittiest bands like fucking Blue, Britney or even Robbie Williams! They all love it but refuse to embrace it in its rawest form because it scares the shit out of them! Rap is here to stay.

Do you sense a bit of a contradiction in those peoples views because if the UK rap producers started getting more adventurous like that, the audience would start complaining and dissing?

Indeed, that’s exactly right, I’m not saying we shouldn’t evolve or anything like that, coz we have to try and keep it fresh, but you can’t fool a Hip Hop audience mate, if they ain’t feeling your shit they’ll let you know. I like the raw uncompromising sound within Hip Hop, and I like that shit a lot! I know it’s always been there, it just needs to be brought to the fore a lot more which is what I hope I’m doing with BDI Records, Jibbarish and whoever else I work with. I like my beats simple and to the point, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, and Hip Hop isn’t broken, not in the UK anyway.

What’s been the best and worst produced track from the UK hip-hop scene this past year?

Yer right, like I’m going to answer that one! Ha Ha.

Any shout out’s or anything?

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Jaimez, Beatologist Phd