Messiah J & The Expert

December 15th, 2004

Messiah J & The Expert

A very quick run through of the standard ‘who are you and what do you do?’ questions with Irish rapper/producer duo Messiah J and The Expert

First off, could you guys introduce yourselves and tell us how you hooked up with one another?

We are Messiah J & The Expert, an emcee/producer duo from Ireland. We met through our old crew Creative Controle. Before that, we met at a Scratch Perverts in store.

Your bio says you guys were born in 1981 so just for the hell of asking, did you like the Estelle single?

Didn’t change my life, but it is refreshing. Nice to see something more honest in the public eye.

What part of Ireland are you from and is there much of a scene there in terms of any hip-hop nights at venues and people into rap?

We are both Dubliners. The scene here is a foetus. It has potential but needs food and oxygen. The enthusiasm is there in buckets though. People in Ireland love Hip Hop and the number of international acts performing here increases all the time, whereas before there were no promoters. ow there is an influx of US and UK performers.

What releases have you put out so far? Are you working on anything at the moment and when will that drop?

2001 Creative Controle – Bloodrush/The Dose Double A 2002 Creative Controle – Check The Vision/I’d Give My Right arm Double A 2003 Messiah J& The Expert – What’s Confusing You LP, Messiah J& The Expert – First Place CD single. We are working hard on a new LP and just looking for a suitable platform to release it on.

What label are you on and how did you end up on there?

We are currently unsigned. ‘Volta’ approached us when they heard our demo. We had a casual arrangement with Volta Beats that ended up being for all four of our releases. That was Ireland only though. Now we need to get our records in shops in London, Manchester, Hull, Madrid, Berlin, Cuba, wherever if we are to live off this! We need the right label.

What artists and producers from anywhere in the globe have been an inspiration in you wanting to have a go yourselves?

All of the 88 – 95 school of Hip Hop, the golden agers. Then the likes of Motown, Portishead, Smiths, Tom Waits, sixties rock groups, aphex twin, the coral/zutons and then underground Hip Hop acts like sage francis and blockhead and elp and aesop rock and atmosphere…the list is ever changing and ever expanding

What was it like being the warm up act for the likes of Jurassic 5, The Pharcyde and DJ the Damajah. They’re pretty big names!

Fantastic. Learnt a lot, drank some fizzy pop and gained valuable experience.

How do you think people can find out about the likes of yourselves and the hiphop scene in Ireland as a whole? A lot of people don’t know you and it exist!

Us Scene… Like I said, the scene here needs to grow. Hopefully in a year or two you can find us or other Irish acts in the racks at your local shop.

Do people into Irish hip-hop listen much to what’s going on in England and what’s the general opinion of it?

People here really like the UK scene. I think it has a lot in common in terms of general style and subject matter. People can relate to the UK scene. Perverts, Rodney P, Skits, Roots Manuva, Jehst, Braintax and all the usual suspects are dug here.

What do you feel are the beefy comparisons and contrasts between the scene in Ireland and the scene in England?

Comparisons are in the general ethic and vibe. It’s kind of a intangible homely nice European thing that I like. Both also badly want to be heard internationally. Contrasts – your scene is way way further along. I could count on two to three hands what has been released here

Do you have any shout out’s or promo messages you wanna drop before this wraps up?

Enjoyable interview…You really might like our stuff!! Eat liquorice (it fights cancer), drive safely… and we will hurt you in the groin region with a new record sooon. MJEX says thanks

4 Responses to “Messiah J & The Expert”

  1. mark Says:

    MJEX are one of the freshest hip hop groups i have ever heard! they don’t follow the main stream commercial route like most Irish hip Hop groups for eg. Collie! I think its a shame they arent better known as i believe their music would hold up really well on the international scene! Thanks for giving us something to be proud of lads!

  2. Keith Says:

    Lets put it this way: If you were to judge this album on music alone it’d be up there with the best. An absolute gem of an album-whats confusing you?

  3. spawn Says:

    I have been into hip-hop for 15 years now and Whats Confusing You? has got as much air play in my car as OutKast, The Roots, KRS-ONE and the rest. Messiah J is a poet theres is no other way to put it. His lyrics are so clever, I find myself taking new meanings from the songs 3 years on. I would recommend it to anyone, whether thay are into hip hop or not. Listen to the lyrics and turn it up loud. Incidentally they are playin ELECTRIC PICNIC for any of you irish heads who are goin. I will be there front row centre. Legends!

  4. David Escamillo Says:

    I was just reading this article and I’m really interested in the Irish Hip Hop scene too. I’m originally from the U.S., but now live in Ireland. I’m currently producing some songs and want to know if there are any record labels looking for new artists?