October 28th, 2003


The charming and busy young man spares some time to talk about another white shock rapper, his discography and porn.

Necro, Thanks for coming through for an interview. Having searched around for a nice hour, it’s clear you very much appreciate your fans and heads listening to your shit. A concept lacking with a hell of a lotta people these days…I’ve tried making these questions as bearable to answer as possible. Peace.

You’ve got a bio which spans back to long before a Mr. Mathers was wooing the world with light hearted remarks about faggots and whores. Seeing Eminem becoming as big a figure in the industry as he has, did you experience any envy towards him?

No, because I know I’m dope and I will have my chance. Why hate on him for getting his? That’s what the game is. I will have those props on the same level when my time comes. I gotta go through what I gotta go through.

For those that don’t know, could you shed a little light on the earlier days, and give readers a crash course on your recording career?

Well I been recording demo’s and shit since 1990, then hitting up radio stations trying to get signed. After years of trying to get noticed, finally dropped my first 12” in ‘97. I suppose if you analyze it, I didn’t really have any elders to teach me how to make money and do shit indie so I had to learn the hard way slowly. Then after my first 12”, I dropped an EP called ‘Cockroaches’ on vinyl only- Why I didn’t drop it on CD, I don’t fucking know! Like I said, Didn’t know what I was thinking. Finally woke up in 2000 and dropped my first CD once I made my own label. I had spent a lot of years trying to get signed, but was going about it the wrong way. Since then, I dropped 2 solo albums and a bunch of rare mix CD’s and instrumental CD’s. And now a compilation called Brutality Part 1, plus a music DVD called Gory Days and a porno DVD called sexy sluts, so for 3 years or so I have dropped a bunch of things just getting myself ready learning the business.

A newbie hears one track of yours on his PC and figures he ought to buy some Necro albums. His manager’s a jack ass so he can only afford one CD, which one should he cop and why?

Hmmm I guess he should buy Gory Days because it’s all Necro, and it’s all Brutal, but I mean- Brutality Part 1 would be good too, and I Need drugs would be good too. They all packed with fucked up verses and fucked up beats.

You’ve got a flow and style of rapping which seems so much fresher to a lot of stuff out there. How naturally does the skill come to you, and how much did you have to develop it into the flyness that it is?

I mean, it was always natural as far as wanting to do it and coming out sick, but I work on my shit, like a martial art!

You’ve said in previous press that you dig the likes of Black Sabbath and acts which are more grimy and sick. How are you feeling the newer outfits such as Marilyn Manson and Slipknot?

Marilyn Manson is okay. I’m not super into him but he would sound sick on a Necro hook. As far as Slipknot, DJ Sid is a Necro fan and I chilled with him at Jones Beach backstage when they came to NY. I never listened to them prior to meeting him. They are rugged. I’m more into the 80’s metal that all these new bands are influenced by. Like the guitarist from slipknot said in an interview, that Max Cavelera is god or something like that, and I feel the same way because I grew up listening to Sepultura and was a huge fan so I’m more into older shit than the new bands.

Which dudes are you feeling at the moment in the hip-hop world? Is any rapper or producer doing something which has made you think you’d like to work with them?

Not really, I like the thug shit like Mobb Deep or Cormega but I don’t hear much hardcore anymore. And when I say hardcore I don’t mean a metaphor rapper that wants to be a thug type shit. I mean deep pain shit, some real dark shit but on point. You can get that from a few people but not many. The rest bores me. I would like to work with G Rap, get him on a Necro beat. Would be sick.

Who were your main musical influences growing up, before you entered ‘the rap game’?

Before rap, well I was hearing Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh out the window, Beastie Boys, Anthrax, Metallica, Motley Crew, Kiss, I mean mad shit! I was into a lot of obscure shit. But I wasn’t like big fans of all of it. Just the video that would come on the metal show. But metallica was a big influence of line, a lot of death metal, and of course KRS, Rakim, Kane etc.

Being on your own independent label obviously allows you as much artistic freedom as can be. What are its other main advantages and how often have majors approached you to gobble up your talent?

Well since I started my label I can do what I want when I want but being as I don’t have big budgets yet it hurts to drop something and not have it promoted correct. But I have to feed fans because they are hungry pit bulls starving, but soon enough I will because I am multiplying money. I don’t holla at majors now they wouldn’t understand me.

What would be the one most valuable piece of advice you would give to a budding hip-hopper who wanted to step into the world of rhyme?

Practice your rhyme like a skill, do hip-hop first before you get a style, dint try to rap horror core without learning hip-hop, don’t think you can be a teacher if you don’t know the basics, a lot of people have a style- thug, horror, knowledge, but never apply the rules of rhyming or beat making so they sound corny in the end.

Your site is covered with quite a lot of porn, to which I’m grateful. How was it directing a porn movie and is it really true that you only hire porn ‘actresses’ who are genuine fans of your work?

Directing a porno was a fun experience. I laughed a lot during the process. No, it isn’t true. I only put girls on my website if they are fans. Being a porn star has nothing to do with it. I don’t care if they like me as long as they take it in their ass for a price and sign the release.

How keen are you to progress into film making, or any other form of creativity for that matter?

I want to make films very much in the future.

How would you describe your fan base?

I don’t know. Fucked up people, more open-minded cats, real hip-hop heads, people into brutality. It could be anyone

Would you say that your music is for ears only of a particular age and upwards or that you’d be happy to play a tape to some 6 year olds?

No I wouldn’t play my shit for six year olds. Ya buggin. I’m not into corrupting little children. If they are. I guess 13 and up it’s okay, cuz I get 13 year olds e-mailing me. But they are probably too young as well…But I started jerking off at 12 so I guess for them its funny to hear the sex raps.

Wanna give a shout out to anyone in or out of the matrix?

Yeah I wanna give a shout out to all my fans all over the earth, WHAT UP???

5 Responses to “Necro”

  1. J da rippaH Says:

    yooooooooooo.that was a interestin interview.ive just recently started really listinin to necro and i gottA certainly aint for no goddamn usher fans lol.allota disturbin mental immagery and fucked up ideas lol.DEAD BODY DISPOSAL.fuckin perfect example. im really diggin dat shit.i aint heard alotta catz do da horror core and actually make it sound good wit da flow az well az lyrics. but dis catt got it all.i been flowin for abought 7 years now and i aint met no cats around were i live dat id actually like to work wit az much as necro. and dat sayes alot considderin i jus really started hearin da guy lol.but yea man. j da rippa.remember dat name.

  2. d shier Says:

    hey man your albums are some of the illest shit we’ve heard in ontario
    keep it up man

  3. big L Says:

    yo necro u got some ill ass shit, im a juggalo too i know yer down with all that, yo u should make some tracks with icp or twiztid. that shit would be sick man, alright peace

  4. Giro..Los Muertos Says:

    Ive gotta say rite off the back necro is one of the most illest fuckers out there in the hip-hop business. I’m not really into hip-hop all that much but I used to be about 5 years ago. Im more into the psychobilly and rockabilly scene now, but I know a good rapper when I hear it. Im openminded to anything so long as it sounds good . Im into gore and horror too so when I first heard this cats cut (whos yer daddy) with sick lyrics and the whole zombies sample in the back I was blown away. I bought some albums and a few days later here Iam commenting a fuckin interview! Plus hes white! Keep it up!

  5. SMoke Says:

    Dopest rap in my city! For sure