Wolftown Records: Late and Tricksta

January 6th, 2005

Wolftown Records: Late and Tricksta

Tricksta and Late of Wolftown Records chat about the Wolftown Committee album, touring, the label’s origins, and future releases. Once you’ve checked this, back track to the other recent interview with Tricksta! We treat you well.

Enter Tricksta and Late – two men on a mission to push the hip-hop forward. Not only are they respected artists themselves but they also run the mighty Wolftown Records and first rate RAGO Magazine. Some of the hardest worker’s in hip-hop? Most definitely.

I believe you’ve just released an album by Wolftown Committee – tell us a bit about it?

It’s not actually released yet. We are just sorting out a release date for it now – probably late September/early October. It’s gonna drop on CD and double vinyl. Keep posted to www.wolftown.co.uk for up to date info on that. Its twenty one tracks of inner city – made and created by the ten major players in the Wolftown camp… Late, Tricksta, Size8, 10shott, Jai Boo, Conman, High Timez, Pez, Wayney G, Lee Dee with guests Dass, Early B, DJ Amo, Sikes Man and Staxx. It’s been getting a lot of love off the limited promo run that we did and a lot of people are feeling it.

What did you enjoy most about recording the album?

All of it really… from the initial concepts and ideas, to making the beat and doing the voicing up. It’s all fun making the album because it’s a natural thing to all the artists involved. The hard part is getting it promoted and out there.

So how were the tunes on the album put together – was there any basic method or formula or did it differ from track to track?

We don’t stick to formula’s when we record or create… it comes natural

Were there any tracks that were particularly difficult to put together?

Not really… we all work hard and take it serious and with a well organised plan anything can be achieved.

Can we look forward to a future tour from Wolftown Committee?

We are looking for gigs now – promoters contact us now at info@wolftown.co.uk

OK – we’ve got the essentials on Wolftown Committee – so what other artists are on your label and what happening with them?

We have the Wolftown Committee bussing off then some EP’s by Late, PQ, Dass as well as full length albums by Late called ‘Street Science and albums by High Timez, new Vicious Circle shit and a mixed album by DJ Amo… loads of exciting products. We are sitting on bombs

Can you explain the origins of Wolftown Recordings?

It’s a progression of us doing radio shows, putting on nights, DJ ing, producing, rapping etc… we started the label to build a foundation and after three years we believe that we have set standards as we know people are doing things the Wolftown way

So what would you say were the main incentives behind setting up the label?

Having full creative control, control over stock, being independent – there aren’t many majors that are capable of looking after UK acts.

The ‘Bwoy’ track is rated highly by many heads I know and it always gets dropped at the nights I go to – what Wolftown releases have you found to be the most popular amongst the buying public?

From the Villains album we had obviously ‘UK Sound’, ‘Dark Vision’, ‘Hustlin Hard’ and ‘Machete featuring 10shott’. From the Vicious Circle album there are tracks like ‘School Daze’, ‘Burgulars’, ‘Animal Instincts featuring Lee Dee’, and ‘Told You’. The Wolftown Committee is well different – everyone has there favourite tracks… we’ve already licensed tracks to over four compilations and thats just in the States – Europe be going mad for it too… bear love. The album is getting well recieved by all corners of the hip-hop community because of it’s diverse selection of tracks. ‘Legendary Status’ is a classic… you know that!

Moving on, how’s RAGO magazine going?

The fifth issue drops in September – if you want a copy send a self-addressed A5 envelope (half of an A4 paper size) with a 50p stamp on it to: Rago, PO Box 1668 , Wolverhampton , WV3 OAF

Do you think taking control of various aspects of the music industry such as record labels and media is an effective way for British hip-hop artists to get the recognition and support they deserve?

If you wanna get your shit out you gotta do it yourself – simple. Yes the flood of e-zines and magazines, radio, TV all helps but we need daytime exposure to really make noise.

How do you think the internet will affect the music industry?

Advantages – networking…. Disadvantages – bootlegging…

So what do you think about artists such as Dre going against Napster and threatening legal action?

Don’t blame him…. bootlegging is theft.

Do you feel that artists have become more business orientated?

The artists who run their own labels have but then they have to because they are not just artists! Artists on majors don’t have to worry so much because they have an advance and deal etc.

Is there anything about the music industry that you find particularly hard to deal with?

No part of this industry is easy. It’s all hard.

And to bring things to a close – are there any more records planned for release in the near future?

See previous answers and see www.wolftown.co.uk for updates… Don’t forget to cop the ‘UK Runnings CD’ to… a UK hip-hop mixed CD with 33 tracks from the scene’s main players. Available for only a fiver including postage and packaging…. cheques payable to N.Hutchinson and the normal PO Box address….

Shout outs to Tricksta and Late for their responses – good luck to all of Wolftown for the future….