February 7th, 2005


I caught up for a chat with the Scottish geeza about the latest release he enjoyed, what he hopes to release in the future, the scene up his way and how his potential producers can get in touch with him.

Wassup Hype. Say hello to the people…

Alright peoples

Where about are ya from and what do ya do?

I’m based in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, although I am originally from Edinburgh. I do a lot of different things within the scene really, I MC, a bit of graphic work, write some reviews or interview every now and then. An involved observer really who spreads the word about all things Hip-hop

What are you most involved with at the moment. Have you got anything particular you’re working on?

At the moment, I’m working on my own website (just a place to store my work) and a few sites for other folks. Music wise I’m interested in doing a lot of collaborative work with artists from all over, I’d quite like to have an international feel to my stuff rather than pigeon hole myself into the matchbox which is Scottish Hip-hop plus a lot of peoples attitudes to the music both sides of the border aren’t really my cup of tea, so I wanna try freshen things up a little and come with a “real” open mind rather than just say yeah I love hip-hop but scots rapping is funny or shit

What artists are your cup of tea at the moment? What’s the last hip-hop record you bought?

It would’ve been Tupac, Loyal To The Game actually and I’ve just sold it on ebay for £7.59 because in my opinion it was toss. but right now I’m really into Royce Da 5 9 and Canibus. Domestically I’ve got my favourites, Skinnymans LP really impressed me. There are a few newer Scottish acts who I’m into as well

How long have you been rapping and what first made you wanna have a go?

Since I was around 14/15, eh I think a lot of things contributed to me actually having a go at it, a few things had happened in my life and I just did it. On the lighter side of things though I did try to imitate DMX for a short period when I 1st got into it. It’s something I might revert back to if all else fails, there has to be a market for short fat DMX sound a likes cause fuck knows there is market for everything else

Especially now he’s retired. Party Up In Here is heavy. What’s the live scene in Scotland like?

I love it man! Glasgow is rowdy, a lot of really great live acts there and they like their battles although I feel more at home in Edinburgh, things are just handled differently a bit more of a culture mix. Plus we have the best DJs in the world!

In terms of the music you want to create, what kind of vibe in terms of lyrics can we expect, and how’d you describe your rhyming style?

I’ve messed about with a lot of idea since I 1st got into it, but it’s now I think I’ve kinda matured into the music so I want to try spark a few minds, right a few wrongs and point a few things out. Don’t get me wrong I’m not out saying my shit doesn’t stink just saying we all need to check ourselves. As for my style, that’s quite hard to explain, I’d like to think I’m unique and I try my best not to try sound like people I admire or look up to

Is there anything floating around out there with you on at the moment?

Not at the moment no, I’m on a 6 man international collaboration with the producer of Fountain Bridge Collective that shouldn’t be too long in surfacing. Then I think between getting material together for my own project, I’ll hit the mix tape/ independent radio circuit to keep things alive. time breeds perfection in my opinion. I’m only 20 so I got ages.

Once you’ve got a solid lot of material together and are ready to drop an EP or album, what’ll be your intention for it? World domination or discrete UK release, or something in between.

eh it might sound a bit weird like but I’d rather just burn it off on CDR and do artwork for the important places it’s going. I’d rather not spend money on a bunch of wax that’d sit in my spare room cause I couldn’t shift it. I think people would be a bit annoyed at having to pay to hear me moan as well.

Are you eyeing any producers beats that you think you’ll want on there, or any amazing internet hip-hop journalists you want to collaborate with?

I’ll work with most people, I’m a firm believer in a benchmark though, I’m not nearly half way to where I wanna go musically so I like to work with folks just to keep the practice going. Far too many producers that I’d like more from or am still to work with. Gozar Twins from Greece blew me away! Needlethiefs from Glasgow sent me some beats and I’d like more

Quick fire round: When was the last time that you felt genuine excitement over something hip-hop related?

yesterday. over seeing that terrafirma are playing Edinburgh and richie rufftone and kontempt are the support

Yesterday being when you heard the Gozar’s beats? How much do you appreciate the internet in aiding your interest in rap?

it’s a great tool, not really used to it’s full potential and it does give idiots a voice but a very worthwhile thing

Do you think that it runs the risk of turning UK rap into something run by a few people online who decide what’s hot and not?

that already happens doesn’t it?

You tell me…

I’m sure it does. not here, but elsewhere.

Outside of hip-hop, what consumes Hype’s time? The ballet and fox hunting?

when I’m not relaxing at the opera or urbanising fox hunting with dobbermans and dirt bikes. I’m working away to feed my small family. When I’m not working I’m with them unwinding

and have you got any shout out’s or messages you wanna throw out into the crazy world

yeah man! The worlds fucked. Shouts to all my associates in all fields you’re input is always appreciated and names need not be mentioned you all know who you are anyhow. Look out for my site, my music, and my little boy man he’s gonna really tear things up!

What’s the site address going to be and how can people who wanna get in contact holla?

I haven’t bought the domain name yet but you can get updates from my dmusic page at Hype Music and anyone that wants to get in contact can mail me at eanderson131@aol.combizznitches