February 7th, 2005


Read up on this dude’s responses to the tons of questions I threw his way. Get the latest on his 15 year long prison Inmate of a mother and find out what releases are under his belt, and being worked on right now.

What’s ya name and where are you from?

Yeah what’s happenin’, The name’s Mudmowth from all the way down in a cave in South Wales! Swansea to be exact.

Is there a scene worth getting excited about there?

The scene here is definitely getting bigger and bigger! From Swansea to Cardiff there’s a lot of people comin thru with talent! I think this could be a good year for hip-hop with people like The Breaknecks, Ruffstylz, Humurak, Blaktrix, Dead Residents and loads others are releasing EPs that shit on most stuff about at the moment!

How did you come up with the name Mudmowth?

When I was born, my mum wanted to call me SAMUEL! But the nurse told her that SAMUEL JONES would just sound stupid so she decided to stick with her original idea of MUDMOWTH. I did get teased a lot as a youngster but deep down I like the name.

Did your Mother ever wash your mouth out with soap?

Nah it weren’t strong enuff! She used paint remover instead. In junior school my teacher thought I wos an alcoholic cos I used to stink of the stuff. When I told her the truth she phoned the police and my mum got 15 years behind bars! She’s just got out now and keeps giving me funny phone calls saying she’s gonna get revenge. I actually got a song about it on my album called “Paint Remover Is Stronger Than The Sword”

Does being asked about GLC get on your tits?

Haha, good question! It don’t so much get on my tits but it is mad how everyone, whether it’s a review/interview brings them up just cos they’re from the same country! They don’t ask Alan Hansen what does he think of Franz Ferdinand do they! Its all good though, its expected now!

What were the first hip-hop records you listened to?

The first hip-hop I listened to according to my old girl was Mc Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”. I had the big shiny trousers and everything! The first record I really remember though was “The Chronic” that shit stuck in my mind. That’s still one of the best albums ever.

When did you decide to move from fan to artist level?

I started writing about 4 years ago P.Diddy style but started to take it seriously and really think about what I was writing like 2 years ago. Since then I just been doing shows and I won the 2003 national emcee battle in Cardiff which was a highlight for me! Since then I just been working on making music and just trynna get every aspect of it better with every record.

Is the music all you do or are you clocking in still?

Yeah I’m still clocking in daily, I’m a builder, so any heads that wanna hobble done – a garage built, house extension wotever just come see me! I did some research and I’m actually the first rapper/builder since Chuck D. Mad ain’t it.

Tell us a little about your releases so far.

So far my only real release has been the recent EP “Just To Get The Name Known‿ which has done well so far. I got a lot of good reviews and some good airplay from it. I’m also on the new Ralph Rip Shit mixtape “Horse Shit Sean‿ on about 6 of the tracks (go buy that shit).

Which producers and artists have you collaborated with?

Harry Macadam produced the whole of my first EP. He’s a producer from South Wales also and he has gained a lot of fans which he deserved cos his beats are proper bad! You’ll hear more of his bangers on the upcoming Breaknecks EP! At the moment though I’m working with Ghost, Conspicuous, Propaganda, Wytfang, a guy named Devize from Australia and basically anyone I can find that knows how to cook up something sick . Artist wise I’ve worked with Ralph Rip Shit, Blaktrix, The Colony and I’m working on hooking up with any tight rappers for future stuff.

How would you describe your vocal style?

My style just switches with my mood. one minute I’ll be pissed off and aggressive so I’ll spit like that, then the next day I’ll be all chilled out so I’ll be rapping like Warren G on valium! (with better lyrics of course). Everyone has said about the diversity on my EP, and that ain’t sumthin’ I went for, it just turned out like that cos I got so many different things I want to rap about from comedy, horror, politics, work, wotever I’m feeling like really.

Name some UK MC’s you’re really rating the wordplay of.

At the moment there’s so many! Willo from The Colony is my favourite at the moment. He’s a genius with his lyrics if you pay attention! There’s loads though — Reveal, Grimlok, Skinnyman, Foreign Beggars are proper sick, Jehst, Taskforce, I’m a big fan of Blak Twang’s stuff so I’m looking forward to the album. There’s so many now.

Who would you most like the chance of working with?

Bonnie Tyler (she’s got the sick vocals). I’d like to do a track with her on the chorus, me and Smif n Wessun and Young Buck on the verses! That’d be a guaranteed hit! We could call it “Bonnie in Bucktown.”

What was the experience of getting Radio 1 airplay like?

It was good to have a lot of people finally realise I’m actually starting to go places! A lot of my mates heard it and now they’re always asking wot’s happening with my music. It takes stuff like that to get people taking u more seriously! Especially in hip-hop in this country cos there’s so little promotion. It means a lot to know thousands of people have heard your music! It’s definitely made me realise if you make good music people are gonna hear it.

How do you think the current UK scene’s state is?

The UK scene is definitely good from what I can tell. There’s been a lot of good releases! I can see it just growing from here and getting bigger.

What was the best album you bought in 2004?

The best album of last year was Q-Unique’s “ Vengeance Is Mine“. I love that shit. The Arsonists and Smif n Wessun are my all time heroes! At the moment though I’m loving this new Game album. He’s crazy!

Have you got any live dates that you want us to check?

I’m gonna be doing loads of gigs around June/July ready for my album. I already got shows booked in Bristol, Cardiff, London (93 Feet East), Swansea of course and, we may even have sumthing comin up in Munich which would be awesome! Promoters get at me! Email —

What material are you working on and tell us everything about it!?

I’m working on my album at the moment with production from the people I mentioned before – Ghost , Cons , Propaganda , Wytfang , Devize etc. I got tracks with Blaktrix, Ralph Rip Shit, Ruffstylz on there. Got a song finished called “Fuck U Pay Me“ ft. Conspicuous which is gonna be big!! To be honest I like features but not too many cos usually when I get a beat I’m feeling I just wanna write as much as I can! The album is currently called “ Carve Your Face With A Garden Rake“ but that could change in the future cos I heard Will Young was actually thinking of calling his next release that as well, so I don’t want any label headwork from Sony! It’ll be out in August and I promise it’s gonna BIG, BIG!

Any shout out’s of messages you wanna throw out there?

Yeah go buy my EP “Just To Get The Name Known” It got CD of the month in DJ magazine (5/5) , as well as HHC calling it “one of the best EPs this year‿ so get out there and support, its appreciated! THE BREAKNECKS E.P OUT IN MARCH ft Grimlok and Possessed . RUFFSTYLZ LYRICS CD OUT IN SUMMER (The boy’s got lyrics for days) , BIG UP EVERYONE ELSE THAT’S HELPED ME OUT, YOU KNOW WHO U ARE ! OH SHIT, I GOTTA GO NOW MY MUMS TRYNNA BREAK MY DOOR DOWN ! PEACE

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  1. Yarrow Hewett Says:

    About a year ago I listened to some of your tracks on a friends computer, since then I have tried to find anything anywhere, even your own label has your EP listed as sold out. I live in Canada, and I know there are people looking for your CDs, in the last year I have moved 3 times and in each town I have met people who know about you, and love your shit. But in Canada it seems impossible to find even one track. PLEASE COME TO CANADA !! And please, where can I buy your shit. Do you have a website ?
    I want to help you get rich. Word of mouth see.



  3. BRADLEY Says: