April 4th, 2005


Dope producer and 1xtra Original Fever presenter answered some questions on how he ended up at the station, what projects he’s got coming up and who he wants to work with…

Which part of the UK do you come from and if you’re still hitting it up, how’s their UK hiphop scene?

Born and raised in the middle of Devon….. their scenes getting bigger every time I go down there.

What was your first taste of hiphop music?

Wildstyle, the movie.

Did you always plan on DJing and producing or did it all sort of fall into place?

Nah I tried all elements…I was a breaker then a graff artist (where I got the Skitz tag) but gradually settled with the production/djing.

How did you land the 1Xtra job and how did Original Fever first come about?

I got called in as a guest on a friend of mines pilot to talk about UK hip hop…. They liked what I was saying and asked me to do a pilot with Rodney for our own show. The rest is history.

Is there one stand out moment of the show so far? Be it a guest MC etc…

Pharrell was fuckin cool…. He locked the door of the interview room so his management couldn’t get in… cos he wanted to talk about the Iraq war. Chuck D was safe… I could’ve sat and listened to him for hours. Method Man blazed the freestyle. A lot of British moments…..Sway, Taskforce, Roots.

Have you had any difficult superstars drop by?

Some boring ones….Young Guns (rocafella), 50’s security were fucking para…..

Do the BBC give you a fat book of rules to follow or do you guys pretty much have the freedom to do what you want?

We got total freedom….although tracks have to be cleaned of cussing.

Did the schedule change to Friday piss you off because it means you get to the pub later?

Nah its getting to the gigs that’s harder…..We have to drive fast if we’re up north somewhere…The points are adding up on my licence, trust me.

When did you first start making beats and what was the first piece of equipment you had?

I used to make pause button mix tapes, but I guess the first thing I had was a Akai 301 sampler.

What hardware are you mainly using these days?

Apple Mac with Logic, lots of internal plug ins, MPC, 3200, old reggae sound box.

How do you rate all the software packages a lot of people use nowadays, as opposed to traditional methods?

I’m a firm believer in ideas rather than equipment. You can have a whole room of equipment and not be able to do shit…..then I’ve heard wicked beats made on playstation.

Besides from the classic Country Man album, have you put out any big projects or just the occasional thing here and there?

Bad Meaning Good and Homegrown compilations. Plenty of remixes. Titan Sounds stuff. Not that much really, you can check discography on

Can you let us in on the next production you’re working on and when it’s likely to drop?

Homegrown Volume 2 is gonna be finished by Friday. Out beginning of June. Sticksman — my second LP by the autumn of this year.

Which artists which you haven’t had the chance to produce for, would you love to work with?

Lowkey, Stamina, Sizzla, KRS One.

Who’s holding the crown within UK hiphop at the moment? (No diplomatic answers mista!)

Klashy for crowd response…Sway for material.

The answer of the moment concerning 2step, grime etc, is that it’s to UK hip-hop, what crunk is to US hip-hop, but in all honesty- It’s a bit shit innit?

Nah I love it…. It’s got the vibes we forgot about. Its got energy that we need. The production’s getting better. I mean there’s a lot of poor stuff but the good tunes are heavy…..I like the sounds they use and some of the MCs are proper. Plus there’s more girls at their dances.

What record release to come in 2005 are you most anticipating?

Busta Rhymes on Aftermath. Dies LP on Full Cycle. I always look forward to a Ghostface LP. Sticksman I-wayne LP.

Have you got any live dates, plugs or shout out’s you wanna drop?

Nuff live dates all the time….Check Daddy Skitz Homegrown Volume 2 on Silentsoundz coming June. Sticksman coming in the autumn.