December 2004

December 6th, 2004

How’s it going everyone? Hope you’ve been enjoying the many interviews the site has been updated with over the past month or so. There’s still tons on their way so stay tuned. The redesign of the site doesn’t look like it’s happening at all. Long story, but the moral is, don’t be naive enough to rely on a strangers word. I’m currently looking for a news editor for the site, so if you’re interested in filling this space once or twice a month, please let me know!

And on to the news: This month the Beastie Boys have invaded the UK. They’ve played Glasgow, as I type this they’re blessing Manchester with their presence and this time tomorrow, I would have seen them with my own eyes at Wembley. Talib Kweli is the support, making it a fantastic few hours of live entertainment. The B Boys release Open Letter To New York this month. Watch out for the video for that!

Eminem’s second single from ‘Encore’ is ‘Like Toy Soldiers’ and you can already view the video treatment for this at The video is fantastic, and by far the artists best. It seems that Eminem has struggled through the average reviews of the albums, all the talk of his beef’s and racist tapes and isn’t fading into Vanilla Ice obscurity any time soon. Roll on the next album. Hopefully he’ll have fewer bridges to rebuild and will come correct once more.

Fat Club of Bristol have put on a new night which they hope to become a regular thing. Pass The Mic happened on the sixth of November and featured Headcase Lads, Wordsworth Surgery, Ugly Heroes and others. They’re calling for all local rappers to step up for cipher comps. Check out their home page for the latest event info.

Skinnyman is a busy man these days. Promoting his debut album and touring with GLC as well as Blade is not all his been up to. In an interview he did for the site he said he’s currently gathering new material for a second album. Hopefully we wont have to wait as long for it to come out as we did Council Estate of Mind.

Not exactly news, but I managed to talk to Malcolm McLaren recently and asked him a load of questions about his involvement with the Buffalo Gals and such. Here’s what he had to say in response:

“Buffalo Gals has been instrumental in providing the sound & inspiration to so many hip hop artists (particularly in the US) including Puff Daddy,
Eminem, and many others. The UK scene should appreciate that this was the first legitimate and only Hip Hop record in the UK that went global immediately and became a number one billboard hit on the R&B chart. This track, part of an entire LP, inspired an entire generation of those fascinated by Hip Hop. It was part of the major worldwide hit single, Without You by Eminem. It has helped many pop artists including Nelly Furtado and recently, even the new rock band, Franz Ferdinand, have been included in a mashup that involves the vocals of Buffalo Gals with the music of FF’s Take Me Out. There’s one hell of a story behind Buffalo Gals and my association with Afrika Bambataa in the early 80s”

The new CD single release from Roots Manuva is Colossal Insight and have the fantastic new video for it online now. Double Drat was an internet download only release and is now no longer available and never will be (unless your mate gives you the mp3 and the code you need to play it!). Check out the current issue of Big Issue for one of the first interviews with Manuva on his new material. Also, any producers should check out his site for an acapella of Witness (1 Hope) to do a beat for and submit to their remix competition.

Xzibit has kindly put the UK release date of his new album ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in front of the US release. X to the Z, now most famous for his MTV show Pimp My Ride has always come good with his solo projects, even though the last couple have contained a fair number of commercially flavoured jams. I heard a sneak peak of an album track earlier today and there weren’t no thuggery to it, so fingers crossed the whole project is like that. It’s out on the 7th.

TUNES TO CHECK: Colossal Insight and Double Drat by Roots Manuva, Soldier by Blade, The Cavalry by Evil ED, Rappers Delight by UK Allstars, Real Rap by Kyza, anything from Citizen Smiff mixtape by Doc Brown, Remain Forever by Tommy Evans and Cold World by Xzibit.

A FEW GIGS: De La Soul @ Islington Academy on the 19th and 20th of December. Tommy Evans Launch party @ Kungfu in Camden on the 21st of December. Ugly Duckling in Briston on New Years Eve and London on New Years Day.