January 2005

January 9th, 2005

Yo! Happy new year everybody. Here’s a few news updates that I’ve been storing up for this page. If you have anything you’d like mentioned on here, be it release dates, gigs + events dates etc let me know and I’ll throw it right up. If anyone reading this has a site with a links page, make sure you update it to this sites new and permanent address. Sorry for any inconvenience caused with the address change, but it wont ever happen again!

MC Abdominal has let me know that he’s still currently working on his forthcoming solo album but before we get to hear that, a new DJ Format LP will be coming out, which he’ll be involved with. The first singles from that will be dropping on the 17th of this month. Here’s hoping that the two guys are going to be touring constantly like they did last time round, as their live shows are fantastically entertaining.
Apocraphe of Main Rock Records says that next month will see the release of Iron Bridge’s ‘Adventures in Buck Fling’ compilation. Also, in March, Dirty Verbals will be putting out a 12” which will be followed shortly by an album. Main Rock’s Lady Paradox is said to be almost ready to put out her solo album, which I’m assured is going to be banging. She’ll be popping along to Apocraphe’s radio broadcast ‘Main Rock Rap Show’ on Conspiracy. Apocraphe himself, has an album in the pipeline, as does the labels Baron.

Roots Manuva’s new album ‘Awfully Deep’ is released any day now, and its fantastic. I’ve heard a few people saying it’s not all that, but they’re lying! It’s consistent in the type of production on there from beginning to end, and one of the last tracks ‘The Falling’ is incredibly tight. Check out the review section on here for some more words on it. Also, have a look at http://www.rootsmanuva.co.uk/insight for a cool Manuva themed word game to mess around with and pass a few hours in the office. Enjoy!

Fat Club are set to release a new album shortly. It would have been out sooner but the mixing desk has been down. The LP is entitled ‘Leftoverz’ and will feature contributions from Rola, Eastborn, and Dead Resident. It will only be available to purchase via their website and at gigs. Their MC competition night ‘Pass The Mic’ is going bi-monthly and the next one is on the 18th of February at Fiddlers in Bristol. There’ll be live PA’s from The Cohorts, Hazardous, Sober & Dribbla, plus the MC cypher comp and an open mic. The last night, in November was said to have been a blast.

GIGS: There’s tons of dope gigs on in the next month or two at London’s Jazz Cafe venue. Check them out. The ruler’s back! Pharcyde 17th 18th 19th 20th of January. Slum Village 23rd 24th 25th of January. Slick Rick 30th of January. Little Brother + Foreign Exchange 31st January. The Beatnuts + Rodney P 6th February. Cee Lo Green is at Mean Fiddler on the 15th of January.

The UK hiphop awards are upon us once more and the event will happen in Camden’s Lock 17 on the 24th of February. Guests down to perform on the night so far include Skinnyman, Foreign Beggars, Doc Brown, C-Mone, Humurak and Mr Thing. You can make sure your voice is heard by choosing someone for each of the following categories and e-mailing it to lyricpad@hotmail or lyricpad@yahoo.co.uk


State Side and El-P of Def Jux Records is doing quite well for himself. He’s recently worked with Ghostface on a track called Hide Ya Face. It’s been given airplay on Hot 97.1 FM which has sparked quite a lot of discussion in the virtual world of hiphop discussion. You can hear the track on the Def Jux website: http://www.definitivejux.net/av/el-p/player.php?id=555&filetype=song Cage will be releasing an album on the label entitled ‘Hell’s Water’ and Aesop Rock will be releasing his new EP and book ‘The Living Human Curiosity Side Show’. The book contains 88 pages of lyrics from all five of his releases + drawings and pictures. The Perceptionists (MR Lif, Akrobatik and Fakts One) release the highly anticipated ‘Black Dialogue’ on March 22.

Jurassic 5 are going to be turned into a cartoon! Here’s what Nu-mark said to Billboard Magazine: “...The group also signed a partnership deal with Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee for his new “Super 7” cartoon, due in 2005. “That’s really cool for us because three out of the six of us collected comics growing up, so we’ve always wanted to see the merge of hip-hop and comics come into play,” Nu-Mark says. “Cut Chemist and I will be doing beats for the cartoon and Chali 2na might be doing the voice for one of the characters.”-
and here’s what Charli 2na said in a recent interview: “...We are currently 5% partners in a cartoon with Stan Lee (creator of Marvel Comics), which is called Super 7, we do the music and I’m lucky enough to do a voice of one of the characters. As well as create my own cartoon called ‘Concrete Schoolyard’ which is kinda loosely based on us. We’re all just trying to do a lot of different things, keep the name out there…” inthemix.com.au

Info on the show: Scheduled to debut in the U.S. in fall 2004, the series will target teenaged viewers and feature an innovative animation style, combining a pop-art look with anime and traditional CGI animation. STAN LEE’S SUPER 7 is the first project resulting from DIC and POW!’s partnership to develop and produce a slate of original superhero action properties over the next five years under the Stan Lee’s Super World banner.

STAN LEE’S SUPER 7 follows a group of super-powered alien teens that were genetically engineered. They are chased to Earth where they are discovered by a reclusive comic book creator, Stan Lee, who must use all of his skills in order to help the teens “learn what it means to be humanâ€? as they adjust to life on this strange new planet, all while powerful forces from Earth and from their home planet seek to attack or exploit them.

Next off the Dr Dre production line is record label money maker number five hundred and fifty one The Game who is about to release ‘The Document’. He’s already guaranteed to do a 50 Cent and sell to a billion times platinum status. The hype has arrived, again. You’ve been warned.

Tunes to check: The Falling by Roots Manuva from the incredible new album Awfully Deep. Do It by Doc Brown. Caught Up by Sway (Can’t get enough of that Usher song right now). The Cavalry by Evil Ed featuring Yungun, Tommy Evans, Ricochet, Jibbarish, Diablo, Doc Brown. ‘Pitmans Advisory’ by Pitman

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