December 2003

December 14th, 2003

No Love For Premo What’s going on? When Dr.Dre was down to work with Rakim on that illusive come back album, it was rumoured that he declined tracks produced by Premier. That could be down to jealousy and bitchiness, but this time Jay Z is said to have declined tracks by Premo, for his ‘Black Album. Whatever else that’s down to, stupidity must have played a part…And there I was getting excited about the once promising LP!

G-UNIT are pulling some kind of PR stunt in the build up towards their debut album. They’re giving away diamonds to a lucky winner (details are vague). I love stuff like this, don’t you? It really gives back to the community!

I was up in Rainforest night club in Oxford Circus this past Friday and to my delight as I entered the door, heard ‘Party To Damascus’ which so needs to be considered one of the hottest club tracks of the entire year. But man, what’s with only letting couples in at the door! We get the other half on the other side of it! Well not that night, there was as much talent as a Pop Idols final!

New albums out about now include ‘Get Free Or Die Trying’ by Dead Prez, the overly mentioned ‘Preachers Son’ by Wyclef (Okay, I’m a huge fan!), ‘Falling Hard’ by the talented Jehst, ‘Upwards’ by Ty and finally ‘Second Verse’ by So Solid Crew. GOTCHA!

November see’s the release of Wyclef Jean’s much talked about ‘Preachers Son’ album which is said to be taking him back to the creative juices we all loved on ‘The Carnival’. The album will be his debut release on J Records, and it seem’s Sony are bitter about that last little fact. They’ve thrown a few Wyclef tracks together and will release a greatest hits package within weeks of Clef’s solo album dropping. What a bitch move! It’s not the first time Sony have played around with something they only want money out of.

When John Forte was wrongly accused and thrown in prison, they offered no support and dropped him within hours. When Pras started getting laughed at in hip-hop communities, he got dropped, even though he had the biggest hit that year with ‘Ghetto Superstar’. Then there was Loud records who they distributed. That didn’t exactly work out and Loud folded. 

The list goes on for miles, from the lack of promotion of Killa Mike’s awesome album to Dead Prez’s mistreatment to the fact that they sign and promote shit heads like Lil Bow Wow!

I’m Loving It! ‘Ha Ha’ by Ty, a really nice beat with some floetic vocals sprinkled on top. ‘Raz de Maree’ by Saian Supa Crew featuring ROOTS MANUVA!

Gigs: Tiromancino @ Oceon London, Gangstarr @ Astoria MTV Base Lounge @ Tantra (Hmmm) Erykah Badu @ Brixton Academy Black Eyed Peas @ Shepard’s Bush Empire and lots more I don’t care to mention, sorry.

Young Zee of the seemingly dead Outsidaz group has a new track floating around called ‘Dutchmasters’. He appeared on the 8 Mile soundtrack, this is produced by Kon Artist, and he’s dropping on Shady in 2004. As long as Em stays away from the production, and his artistry…it’s gonna be hot!
Don’t sleep on 1Xtra, and especially the Seani B session with a play list including such great tracks as Planet Rock and Kris Kross for all the old skool heads.

Competition (Maybe) Well, I got an invite to the World Underground Music Awards press launch and if I can’t make it, I’ll let you pretend to be me and have the invitation. All you have to do to possibly win, is tell me the name of the romantic and sentimental track by a Canadian guy’s EP with a fellow Maple syrup drinking DJ.

Web Watch: No I haven’t become a player hater, I just forgot that listing some website addresses was once a regular fixture on this page. Well it is again, so check out for some great fresh audio and interviews! Second thoughts, have I linked them before? If so go to but nowhere else!

Gigs: Sparks @ Ocean, London 20/03/04, Sugar Hill Gang @ Ocean, London 16/02/04 One NOT to miss!

DJ Format and Abdominal have been in the lab recording two new tracks which will surface some time 2004! Meanwhile, Format is continuing to spin those classy breaks here and there. Abdominal hasn’t heard word of the Format mix tapes people have been whispering about and there’s no official word of a release any time soon. That’s the internet for ya!

Lauryn Hill used an invitation to appear at the Pope’s Christmas celebration to read a speech about the corruption of organized religion. L-boogie went on to perform a song about social injustice whilst priests stood up and left, to rant about her to press outside.
London heads this Christmas would do good to check out Santa’s Ghetto right near Carnaby Street for lots of art up for grabs. 

Zack De La Rocha still hasn’t put out official word of his long awaited solo project but tons of style internet sites around the world now have an untitled disk by the ‘March Of Death’ artist ready to preorder for its drop in early 2004! 

Sugar Hill Gang are set to perform at London’s Ocean in eary Feburary. The legendary founders of hip-hop music and culture are most famous for that little track called ‘Rapper’s Delight’.

Canibus is rumoured to be about to release a twelve minutes long reply to the song ‘Canibitch’ by Eminem which was one of six tracks leaked on a bootleg EP. Gossip also claims that the tin mans services to the army are soon up and that his project ‘4Horsemen’.

Def Jux have updated their funky website but more importantly, have announced that there’s still a lot to come. There’s an instrumental album from El-P called ‘Collecting The Kid’ as well as a new Murs set produced entirely by 9th Wonder. If that’s not enough there’s a C-Rayz Walz project, Perceptionists, and RJD2 offering. Those dudes are as hard working as they are crazy.

My top five of the moment: Okay my bad, I haven’t been listening to too much new stuff that I’m feeling so this list has so rarities and oldies. Peace 1) Canibitch- Eminem 2) Dancing With The Devil- Immortal Technique 3) Heart Burn- Alicia Keys 4) We As Americans- Eminem (Only for the fuss it caused) 5) Three Nights In Rio- Wyclef Jean.