September 2003

September 20th, 2003

TUNES WORTH CHECKING Canibus- ‘Get Retarded’ Dead Prez ‘W-4’, Eminem & Dre (DJ Rectangle) ‘You Must Be Crazy’ Wyclef ‘The Industry’.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH “I refuse to be a stereotype in your box. Never want to try and be something I’m not” – Dead Prez on ‘RBG’

RANT OF REALNESS Tim Westwood played the MOP track featuring Posh Spice no less than four times and didn’t once play any real UK rap!

BOOKWORM Check out the new book by KRS One which comes with an audio CD now, if inspirational and spiritual shit is your thing.

THE INTERNET HOOK UP A site dedicated to underground and independent hiphop music and culture!

NEW ZEBRA TRAFFIC RELEASES Cappo – ‘Learn To Be Strong’ 12” Simpson & The Lazy One – ‘Key To The City’ 7” Life – ‘Always Living’ EP

SHADY SIGNS XZIBIT I got extremely angry after the release of ‘Man V Machine’ because word was that Xzibit had fallen off. I just couldn’t understand it. He had delivered an amazing album with original and at some points experimental beats, the lyrics were still as good as those on his first release and people were running their mouth saying it was wack! I guess they expected him not to develop and continue in the same vain as the Restless LP. Oh well, rumor has it that Eminem is about to sign a close by and platinum artist and many fingers are pointing at Xzibit. Good move? Well we all know what happened to X’z old label Loud, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen to Shady’s growing empire, so why not? Eminem’s beats are getting better and he can certainly promote an album into the masses.

CANIBUS DROPS A GEM This month sees the release of yet another Canibus album ‘Rip The Jacker’. The production is nothing short of brilliant and the lyrical flow is a lot more accessible and easy to listen to. No longer do you have to sit there with a dictionary and you don’t have to keep replaying every track to try and understand shit he’s said. He’s broken it down a bit and it’s really worked. Highlights on the album include ‘Get Retarded’, ‘Me-sea-cresy’ and ‘Cemantics’. If only he came out with this kind of material when his career first launched, he’d have got and would still be getting a lot more respect. It’s a shame that things he’s said and done in the past aren’t easy to forget, but this is a positive attempt at a respectable face lift.

NEW WYCLEF Check out the new Wyclef track that can be found on Kazaa called ‘The Industry’. The one song is better than about 20 random ones by Pras, who needs to stop running his bitter ass around talking shit about a guy who did him a big favour joining his group.

TUPAC CLOTHES LINE If I was a prominent mainstream rapper such as whom Tupac Shakur was before his tragic end, I’d get onto the phone and tell my lawyers to write up some papers so that when I die, people wouldn’t continuously make money off me and make my legacy some what as a farse. This week it was announced that a new clothing line named ‘Makaveli’ was in development and would be hitting stores soon. So not only are cheap excuses for new Tupac albums being churned out, but now cheap excuses for fashion lines are coming too. By all means do this if the profits are going to be soley used in order to help inner city youth and what not, but if this is just a plain out money maker for the Tupac estate and co, scrap the idea!

The saga continues with Dead Prez. As we all know by now, they’re off Sony Records. Well, the album that was gonna be released there is now shelved and is likely to be a bootleggers collectable forever more. Don’t worry however, because Mixtape Volume 2 hits the streets on Landspeed records in October and will shortly be followed by a major LP released possibly, on Bad Boy Records.

On the Rakim front, news has been very slow but its highly rumored that the long awaited album will feature mainly Dj Premier production. Hopefully it will be worth our wait but is anyone starting to get bored of this. By the time it drops it will be so hyped that however good it is, it won’t live up to expectations!

Eminem this week has been rumored to be planning a two disk product for his next album. One disk featuring collaborations with his homies and the other disk being a straight forward solo joint.

Roots Manuva is still making little noise, on these shores anyway. It appears that the outstanding emcee is out in Ibiza concentrating on DJ sets at the moment. Without meaning to sound horrible, I hope the needle keeps jumping and he soon gets kicked back to the UK. It’s time to witness the fitness once more! We can see a very rare PA from him this month at KungFu In Camden.

Harry Potter goes hiphop in his next film, kits himself out with a Mecca t-shirt and Rock-a-wear baseball hat and sprays up his train. Okay I lied, but on the real, some extremely cool people broke on set and gave that famous train a lick of paint.

Mos Def has been in the UK performing the critically acclaimed stage play ‘Top Dogg/Underdog’ about the relationship between two brothers. Fans were disappointed to hear he wouldn’t be doing any live gigs but they will be pleased to hear that Sound Bombing 4, to drop shortly, will feature no less than eight new Mos cuts!

Paris is finally about to drop the much talked about ‘Sonic Jihad’. The leaked tracks are awesome, the album cover is sweet and this is gonna make for some seriously fidgeting politicians! Check out his website Guerrilla Funk


Still bumping ‘Flip Flop Rock’, ‘She Lives In My Lap’, ‘Ghetto Music’ and ‘Hey Ya’ from the forthcoming Outkast album, and added ‘Next Generation’ by Wyclef and Scarface, ‘The Conspiracy Theory Part 2’ by Eminem, ‘Evil’ by Paris and ‘Lets Get Loud’ by Chuck D and friends to my play list!

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Bargain’s this month include the DVD’s ‘Wild Style’ and ‘Beat Street’ available for a very nice three quid at Fopp in Soho London.

GIGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO Public Enemy 20/10/2003 @ Forum, Format And Abdominal 11/10/2003 @ Jazz Cafe, Saian Supa Crew 15/10/03 @ Birmingham Academy