July 2003

July 23rd, 2003


On his official websites message board Mark B has been stressing his annoyance towards whoever it is out there that’s claiming to be him! The guy’s been showing up at clubs and such naming himself after one of the UK scene’s most prominent figures, who keeps getting asked about things he hasn’t a clue of. However it is, get a life dude!


Wyclef Jean who recently signed to Clive Davis’s J Records after feeling Sony Music didn’t support his latest offering ‘Masquerade’ as well as they could have, is to drop the album ‘Preachers Son’ this fall, featuring guest spots by U2 guitarist The Edge, Timberland, Scarface, Trick Daddy, Redman and Mobb Deep. “I’m getting gully! I’ve entered the ClefZone, a place with no boxes, no genres, no limitations!” says Clef in the recent press release. But will it be all smiles once the records out? Busta Rhymes didn’t have too many good words to say about the PR department of the label, claiming there to be only one man working on promotion for all of its artists!


Yes Aftermath and Shady Records are still beefing with Ja Rule and his Murder Inc crew. On the new track ‘Shit Hits The Fan’ Eminem Obie Trice and Dr. Dre spit fire at the wannabe Tupac Shakur, furthering the unlikely ness of his future releases holding much credibility and public interest. The beat, produced by Dre offers the now overly familiar orchestra keyboard sounds however there is a welcomed introduction of a high pitch melody seen very rarely on any Dre projects.

OUTKAST UP THE ANTE Being a huge fan I’m familiar with a lot of different lyrics on Outkast albums but there’s one line from Stankonia which has always stuck out and that’s “Four albums we stay consistent” and by the sounds of the leaked tracks and first singles of the forthcoming project, it’s about to be a huge number five. As most will know by now, it’s a double album with each member talking a disc, and the two collaborating and producing on both. Big Boi’s will be focused entirely on rhyming whilst it seems Andre 3000 will concentrate solely on singing. Look out for the leaks of ‘Ghetto Music’, ‘Flip Flop Rock’ and ‘She Lives In My Lap’. They’re all awesome and are notching up the credibility of the diverse, experimental and innovative group they’re by. “Compared to Big Boi, my album is not a rap album. I don’t rap more than 2 verses. Everything else is sung and I play all instrumental parts” says Andre in a recent French magazine interview.

RELEASE DATES July 15th- Novel ‘The Word’ July 22nd- Big Gipp ‘Mutant Mindframe’ TBC This month- The Lox, WC, Ludacris.


It seems we may have to wait that little big longer for the latest offering ‘Kristyle’ by KRS One. It seem’s the teacher is unhappy with the way the label put the CD out, and he’s taken legal action to disable them from continuing with any shipping and promotion. Let’s hope the matter’s are resolved soon as the few that have heard the project have said very promising things.


‘Shit Hits The Fan’ by Obie, Eminem and Dr. Dre. If only Dre was writing those excellent verses he occasionally drops.

‘Ghetto Music’ by Outkast. Another leak from the highly anticipated double album about to drop this summer. What a mad, leftfield track. Genius!

‘Everybody Come On’ by Flipmode Squad. It’s been around a while now but I can’t get enough of it. When this crew wants to, they nail it better than most.

BOOKWORM Released on Backbeat UK publishing later this year comes a 700 page guide to hiphop titled ‘All Music Guide To HipHop’ by Chris Woodstra and Vladimir Bogdanov. Click the cover to pre-order.

GIG REVIEW> FORMAT & ABS The small venue of The Jazz Cafe was ideal for the now familiar set by the breakthrough act of the last year. From the obvious hits of ‘Ill Culminary Behaviour’ to the more rare and less known ‘Fly Antics’ with a sprinkling of freestyles, wigs, crowd participation and an hour long desert of delicious vinyl, they were as good as ever. And what nice chaps to hang out at the merchandise desk for some time afterwards.

LINK UP Stankonia.com A great source of information about the forthcoming Outkast and Dungeon Family projects House Of HipHop Some nice bits and bobs including photo galleries and ring tone key presses! Very useful.