February 2004

February 24th, 2004

Jehst is releasing the track and video ‘Monotony’ on the tenth of Feb with the exclusive B side ‘Get Your Shit Together’ which features his homie Asaviour. The wordsmith can be seen on stage at this months ‘Peace Not War’ event at Ocean in Hackney, London alongside Blade, Task Force and many many more.

Phi-Life have recently dropped their second album ‘Higher Forces’ on Zebra Traffic records. The independent on Sunday have dropped a phat quote reading ‘Phi-Life Cypher are one of the best rap acts that we’ve got! 4 out of 5” 

This years Grammy Awards saw hip-hop sweep up some of the most highly regarded trophies thank’s to the duo which can now surely be considered the greatest group in hip-hop, Outkast. They took album of the year, best urban performance and best rap album. Eminem won best male rap solo whilst Missy Elliot took best female rap.

Taskforce are said to have called out Tommy Evans and attacked his private school education, live on stage in November. Sure this is oldish news, but forums are only just chatting about it. Dude’s need to sort it out peacefully behind closed doors because beef and the UK scene just don’t mix if you ask me. And so what about private school?

GIGS Big Boi @ Electric Ballroom 01/03/04, DJ Flip/Skinnyman/Eastborn @ King Tuts Glasgow 23/03/04, Lyrics Pad Hip Hop Awards @ Lock 17 Camden 25/03/04, Main Rock Records Launch Party (Ironbridge, Cappo, Excalibah and more) @ Music Cafe Leicester 12/03.04, Scratch Perverts + Eastborn @ QMU Glasgow 20/03/04. 

UGLY DUCKLING D@TES: 13/03/04 Bournemouth University 13/03/04 Academy Bristol 15/03/04 Jazz Cafe London 17/03/04 Rock City Nottingham 18/03/04 Event 2 Brighton 22/03/04 Zodiac Oxford 23/03/04 Original Heads Leeds 24/03/04 Soul Celler Southampton 25/03/04 Cardiff University 26/03/04 Taunton 1/04/04 Belfast 2/04/04 Ri Ra Dublin. What hard working guys!

RELEASES ‘Shadows On Your Sundial’ by The Dark Craftsman in March, Eastborn Presents Vol.1 in March, ‘High Waters’ by EL-P on 09/03/04 ‘Storms Are Brewing’ by Blade on 08/03/04 ‘One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show’ by Goodie Mob (Minus Cee Lo) on 27/04/04, ‘It’s Like That’ by Curtains on 13/07/04.

GOODIES Check out the audio for ‘In The Streets’ the first single from Goodie Mob’s new album in real audio or windows media. And whilst your at it, check out a streaming of ‘Buckwilin’ by Curtains, as featured in The Sauce’s Unsigned Hype column real audio windows media.

TUNES TO CHECK ‘Millionaire’ by Kelis featuring Andre 3k, ‘Check It’ by Roots Manuva, ‘All Falls Down’ by Kayne West.

Dead Prez WILL see a release to their once shelved album ‘RBG’ which Sony decided not to release…until the band decided they wanted to jump ship and began getting interested by Puffy and Shady records. 

EL-P’s new album is an eight or so track CD of instrumentals heavily influenced with a jazz flava. Most of the tracks include a beautifully blue trumpet and the production is superb. Yes, there’s still some off beat sounds.

Jurassic 5 seem set to come out blazing again with another fantastic album. The 12” ‘Linguistics’ is out in the states and carries the trademark collaborative chorus singing. All the guys sound on form and the production is polished, contemporary and club worthy.

DJ Format is dropping a mix CD comprising of a track with Ugly Ducking called ‘Almond Rocha’ plus two tracks with regular collaborator MC Abdominal. It’ll be out on Antidote records but there’s no confirmed release date :-(

Lyrics Pad HipHop Awards On the 25th people strolled into Lock 17 Camden for 2004’s hip-hop awards. Winners included Taskforce for best live act, Lowlife for best label, Jehst for best album, Est’lle for best female MC, Banksy for best writer…There’s no official site so information is sparse…What has been chatted about on internet forums is friction between Taskforce’s Chester P and audience members. There was some kind of altercation when P started dissing Tommy Evans and an audience member told him to shut up….And I’m sure I heard him talking about the need for peace at the Ocean gig reviewed below…..


T-DASH of the ukhh.com community and Brunel University dropped some remarks about the hip-hop scene around his educations back garden in part one of this ezine’s series of looks into what’s going on at the university bar which will have sixteen year olds all over the shop applying for a place: Possibly one of the worst universities in the country if you’re a fan of hiphop and for that matter, live hiphop music. There isn’t even a designated night on campus for it at the Academy (the student unions night club). Monday nights are controlled by the clubs and societies and that usually has an effect on the music played E.G.. Basketball teams night will is more likely be of a gangsta dress code and commercial hiphop and R&B sounds. That’s the best you’ll get. The 2 on campus student bars (Bishops sports bar and Locos) tend to play a mix of commercial rock, hiphop and R&B (usually whatever’s popular or on MTV). As for Uxbridge as an area, it’s pretty awful. A fair few pubs, but the only club I’m aware of is Royals, which has an R&B night once a week and is like most other clubs throughout the rest of the week. The hiphop scene is pretty dry here and unless you’re making the music yourself or heading into central London…your stuck.