October 2003

October 28th, 2003

Editorial: A few things have caught my eye these past few days. Firstly Dizzee Rascal winning the Mercury Music Award and also the new track/video by So Solid Crew titled ‘Broken Silence. Both show obvious hip-hop influence and have caught me off guard. Initially, when I first heard of that Rascal fella I thought ‘here we go again, another hyped up garage MC being mistaken as hip-hop’ but its egg in my face! The guy has nothing on tons of UK Mc’s doing their hip-hop thing but who’s more fitting to win. A posh git and a piano in the form of Coldplay, or some young dude who could do with the money and publicity? The lyrics and voice aren’t to my taste but that first singles beat is real interesting. This morning I was flicking through the music channels on Sky Digital (Thanks Sean Paul) and came across some corny dude rapping about the government putting him in a box and making him pay taxes or whatever. It was embarrassin but a couple of other guys came along and did some okay verses. To my surprise the name that the annoying little writing said was So Solid Crew! Excuse me? I didn’t hear one ‘Nigga’ word or see any gold chains and guns! But then it came to me. I had been tricked. This was the commercial first single!

Dead Prez were arrested during a photo shoot for apparently refusing to show police officers some ID. The members of the military hip-hop outfit who are to release ‘RBG Mixtape Volume 2′ in mid October, refused to present identification and wouldn’t co-operate with the officers. This is all say so, as no official statements have been made. But what we can be sure of, they’re ‘living in a police state’.

Wyclef Jean’s forth solo adventure titled ‘The Preachers Son’ in reference to his late Father, has been delayed and will now be hitting stores on November the forth. His official site www.wyclef.com is offering six new songs to take a listen of and from what it seems, this is to be Wyclef’s greatest material to date! He’s now declining to talk about the Fugee’s breakup and Hill to the press, stating he’s now in a different mind space.

Rumour has it that Rakim’s ‘Oh My God’ project might end up on Rawkus Records…who have yet to release albums by Skills, Mos Def, the latest Sound bombing compilation and lots more….so do you swallow it? I don’t think so! But jeez, it’d be nice for the speculation to actually end and for Rakim to release something!. I wouldn’t say no to Rawkus sorting themselves the fuck out and stop changing distribution every week!

Roots Manuva features on the track ‘Hey Yo My Man’ by Saian Supa Crew of France.

Whilst America lap up the fantastic new album by Outkast, it seems the UK aren’t so keen. State side, it’s been reported that shelves have been empty of the disk and that it went platinum instantly. It’s not to be seen at all near the top of dotmusic.com’s album chart. Shame.

Pitman has somehow managed to pull together an album between eating biscuits and mining. Titled ‘Nation Of Tossers’ the debut disc features 12” favorites ‘Witness The Pitness’ and ‘Phone Pitman’.

Wyclef falls ill. J Records publicist has confirmed that on returning from a promotional visit to Europe, Wyclef was hospitalized having been diagnosed with food poisoning and exhaustion. Not to worry though, Clef will still be performing a times square stopper of a show in New York this month, to promote the excellent ‘Preachers Son’, dropping November.

Eric B is filing a law suit against Def Jam records who are about to re-release ‘Paid In Full’, the classic album he made with the one and only Rakim. Eric B claims that to this day, the two haven’t received a penny for now ironically titled album!

Format’s ‘Ill Culinary Behaviour’ and ‘Vicious Battle Raps’ are remixed and out on his new EP which he is supporting with a ton of gig dates in October.

Radiohead, recently voted the greatest band in the world at the UK’s Q Awards have asked Madlib to work on a remix project of the bands album Hail To The Thief, to be released 2004.

Bubba Sparxxx has dropped the album ‘Deliverance’ jammed with fantastic beats by Timberlake. The rhyming tight too, aside from the Eminem esc moaning and groaning!

Mr Lif delivers science, in a light hearted way. Look out for the video for ‘Live From The Plantation’.

The track ‘Real 911’ by Boo Yaa Tribe featuring Eminem has hit the net. The production’s another boring and overly familiar effort but the verses are hot and the hook is bearable.

My Top Five of the moment: Party To Damascus by Wyclef Jean, Blood And Jonez’s ‘In Our Defense’, ‘Run Hard’ from Jehst, ‘Nowhere’ by Bubba Sparxx, ‘Fuck The Law’ by Dead Prez.

Dates of importance: 25/10 Missy Elliot’s ‘This Is Not A Test’ drops 18/11 Floetry deliver a new album ‘Floacism’. Sometime in November, Jehst drops a gem!

Gig Dates: DJ Format And MC Abdominal @ Jazz Cafe 11/10/03 Gangstarr @ London Astoria 20/11/03 Public Enemy @ London Forum 20/10/03 UK B-Boy Championships @ Brixton Academy 04/10/03 50 Cent @ Manchester 08/10/03 Busta Rhymes @ Wembley Arena 23/11/03 Sage Francis @ Edinburgh 30/09/03 Black Eyed Peas @ Jazz Cafe 24-26/09/03 Jehst @ Jazz Cafe 28/10/03