Various- Facts Of War

April 20th, 2005

‘Facts Of War’ is an enjoyable, impressive, on point, educated and sympathetic compilation of a variety of tracks, all focused around the current situation of war in Iraq. What could easily have turned out as an extremely cliche and angst, predictable album, is in fact a very diverse one, in its various approaches to the topics at hand. Many tracks, rather than simply voiceing typical sayings you’re likely to hear at an anti war rally, are of a first person perspective orientation, giving individual stories from the view points of children growing up in war stricken environments, or soldiers out in the battle field, trying to come to terms with what they are involved in. All of the production is high quality, and much of the time is quite atmospheric and cinimatic. Produced by David Hodges, ‘Heckenschutze’ is a haunting beat, with a loop similar to that of ‘Karma Police’ by rock band Radiohead. The title track produced by Engineer is loud and thumping, and gets the head nodding hard. On ‘Farewell’ by Bailey featuring Belle, we hear a letter from a solider to home. ‘Unfair’ by Memo talks of soldiers doubting their role. For hip-hop fans of either pro or anti views towards war and that of the one in Iraq, this is an interesting project which is likely to provide tons of food for thought for many listens to come.