Sev Statik- Slow Burn

March 25th, 2005

After quite a long stint listening exclusively to Uk hip-hop, popping this album into my player was all the more refreshing. From beginning to end, every track’s beat is heavy. The production was handled by the likes of Tony Stone, Shawn J. Period, Joey Beats, Relic The Oddity and others. Each vocal offering is on point, executed by a listenable and enjoyable New York voice. There’s no presence of a forced angle or elaborately planned outcome, making the pretentious level zero. It’s straight forward solid hip-hop. And that’s not to imply that it’s mediocre or middle of the road. Sev Statik’s name should be mentioned within any discussion about underground heavyweights from here on in. The release is quite a balanced affair, and the track listing seems to have been given some good thought, as there’s not one window for the listeners attention to escape out of. A couple of times the vocals cut, and we’re treated to some great instrumental vibes, one using an old soul sample which provides an awesome atmosphere for the ear. The album artwork is heavy, and handled by internationally known artist Marcus Jansen. The album’s out now and you should hear it.

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