Cut Chemist- The Litmus Test

July 27th, 2004

The Litmus Test is a 28 minutes mix of ‘everything you thought you heard’ and one of the most enjoyable purchases a fan of Cut Chemist’s group Jurassic 5 could buy this side of the year. Shuffled together into the random delight that this is, are snippets from all J5 albums played with and mutilated in true turntablism fashion. There’s glimpses of the songs A Day at The Races, Thin Line and Quality Control and even the inclusion of the Ugly Duckling favourite ‘Eye on the Gold Chain’. With every introduction of new sample or sound, the product seems that little bit more enjoyable. There’s some fantastic moments, including the sounds of some serious tap dancing, some classy scratching and the use of samples familiar to older J5 releases with the American announcers voice. If there’s anything bad about this product it’s the total running time. The trip from track one’s chilled beats which The Wailers talk over to track eighteen where the names of shout outs are run through is so fun and exciting that you want it to last longer. But then this was always intended to merely fill the void whilst the chemist prepares for the full length LP ‘The Audience Is Listening’ coming soon. They certainly are.