KRS One- Kristyles

July 23rd, 2003

1) ‘Warning Intro’ This takes up space which could have been used for an extra track. As intro’s go it’s pretty poor.

2) ‘Do You Got It’ The real introduction. A teasing beat, typical KRS flow and the now familiar egomaniac lyrics.

3) ‘Ya Feel Dat’ And now we’re off! The production on this track is so on point. This takes me back to the ‘Return Of The Boom Bap’ album. ‘You got a million dollar video but I’m the one they wanna see’.

4) ‘Underground’ The lyrics are pretty simple on this one. He’s preaching about what it is to be underground, to an audience that already knows, or to put it another way, is teaching students that aren’t there. Still, raw and basic beat which is great.

5) ‘How Bad Do You Want It’ This is one of the stand out tracks. The production is reminiscent of Premo and I’m still trying to work out if it’s not in fact the beat genius himself. With no production notes it’s a hard one to call.

6) ‘Aint The Same’ The ideal track for Kris’s flow. It’s as smooth and liquid like as the way he spits. ‘It’s supposed to be a 2 dollar royalty minimum’ see’s him setting another blue print and in this case, the mentality that artists need a greater share of the profit. Too true!

7) ‘It’s All A Struggle’ featuring guest appearances from some promising Mc’s (No CD cover, no name). KRS is rapping faster, and it’s nice on the ears, as is the more complex and contemporary backing music.

8) ‘What Else Happened’ This track reminds me of ‘False Pride’ from ‘The Sneak Attack’. Kris is doing what he does very well, telling a story which has an underlying message of morality. The beat here couldn’t get any simpler and it works that way.

9) ‘Somebody’ Another Premo type beat, proving you don’t need to pay high flying producers half a million for a very cliché track. ‘Somebody gotta be smart…somebody gotta be ignorant’ Can you guess which one Kris is?

10) ‘Survivin’ Featuring Tekitha. A nice chorus that beats anything Ashanti can do with her very narrow talent.

11) ‘Things Will Change’ A dark and spooky beat by DJ Revolution (Yes, he name checked!) ‘I need world peace…every creed to be one’ Political and conscious, what’s to be expected.

12) ‘The Movement’ another very chilled and laid back vocal and beat. At this point its evident that KRS One is a lot more calmer an MC now days. He’s more retrospective and reflective than ambitious and aggressive.

13) ‘Gunnin Em Down’ a bouncy beat, a nice reference to Dead Prez with the intro ‘Turn the radio off’ and a few ‘boom’ bars such as ‘Those cats be over 30 years old/Acting all dirty and cold/None of my classic albums they worthy to hold.

14) ‘Philosophical’. My personal favourite. A tight beat with a less familiar style of flow. The lyrics here are supreme. He’s talking about Metaphysics and understands it.

15) ‘9 Elements’ picking up where one ‘Sneak Attack’ interlude left off. Breaking, emceeing, graffiti art, djing, beatboxing, street fashion, street language, street knowledge, Street Business, and that’s all nine!

16) ‘Alright With Me’ Here KRS claims he’s okay with the fact that he doesn’t get too much attention and credit these days, and I’m afraid it’s not a very convincing lyric, considering numerous previous tracks have left me feeling he’s very bitter about the situation.

17) ‘Somebody’ If Eminem released this it’d have the same response as people gave to his track ‘Haile’ where he sings to his daughter. Awww. This ends the album in a humble, noble and respectable tone.