Blak Twang- The Rotton Club

March 14th, 2005

It took me a couple of listens to get fully into, but I concluded that this is an enjoyable and solid album, covered from beginning to end with interesting subject matters, top notch vocals and on the most part, quality production.

Many of the songs have a clear and concise topic which is intelligently explored. On ‘G.C.S.E’ Twang puts forth the message of safe sex, far more effectively than any unattractive health officer that only spends one half hour with students during their entire ten years at school. On ‘Stop N Search’ he addresses police officers who bug people for no reason. ‘Prayer For The Dying’ is an emotional number based on those who have passed. ‘My World’ is an on point track, talking about the mainstream media’s inaccurate notion of what hip-hop is about. It ties in some audio from Twang’s appearance on day time television, where they were discussing gun crime and its relation to rap. There’s more party orientated tracks in the form of ‘Look Good’ and the catchy club hit ‘Carry On’. ‘Done It Again’ finishes the album conclusively, as its artist reflects on his achievements and ability to yet again deliver a dope release, which this is.

The guest appearancs of K9 and Micro are decent, and shows an admirable decision on Tony Rotton’s part to give some lesser established acts an opportunity, rather than bring in the high profile rappers he easily could have attracted.

Many of the beats are self produced and make for good listening. The stripped down sounds of ‘Where Lions Roam’ is perhaps the least exciting inclusion. The opening track ‘Rotton Club’ is a head nodder, with a nice deep bassline. ‘Travellin’ appropratly sounds quite colourful and multicultural in its vibes which matches the song concept perfectly. ‘Soldier’ includes some cool trumpet sounds.

It’s good to hear that no high pitched soul samples have been used, and that Twang is doing his own thing and not following any current radio trends, which attempts at doing result in being tired and unimaginative. This album is far from that, will utterly satisfy long term fans of the artists, and should attract a variety of new fans- from those who seek subject matter and those that simply look for something that sounds good.