Jehst – The Mengi Bus Mixtape

September 2nd, 2007

Mixed by DJ IQ and hosted by Sir Smurf Lil, ‘The Mengi Bus Mixtape’ is the latest offering by Jehst and as always, is one hell of a great release. Packed with exclusive tracks, classic numbers and remixes, it’s everything J Star fans could hope for whilst they wait for the full length second album. There’s tons of guest appearances, the DJing and remix productions are tight and the vibe once again shows Jehst progressing with the style he continues to offer his large fan base. At times, the hosting of Sir Smurf Lil and the more patchy structure of the tracklist as opposed to a complete album jars the ear, but overall, there’s very little to ault here. Jehst’s new material is of a fantastic flow which instantly draws you in to the mixture of light hearted and introverted verses. Catch this in all dope stores now!