Chester P

August 21st, 2007

Chester P

We caught words with Task Force’s Chester P to find out about his forthcoming debut album, what took so long, the Wordsmith situation and lots more. Check it out.

What’s up Chester, how’s life treating you?

Life is treating me accordingly. Really, it’s how I treat myself that can be a problem at times. I guess it ain’t nothing but filth, milf’s and honey!

What have you been up to since your last record, the track for Wordsmith?

Since the Wordsmith reply I’ve been working on my solo project with Farma.G and finishing up the album which is about to be released — ‘From The Ashes’ produced by Louis Slippers. Other than that I’ve been trying to keep my head above the sand and earn enough money to survive.

Am I right that you’ve found a truce with Wordsmith and that situation’s dead?

Yes. Me and Wordsmith talked and found peace with each other. To me, it’s a shame we didn’t just talk in the first place but we all live and learn and in that situation we both lived and learnt a lot. Being the kind of guy I am, I ain’t trying to keep enemies and I respect Wordsmith as an artist. I’m not a hater. It’s love in my heart, but at the same time I ain’t a dick-head either and I can cross the border of love and demonstrate a bitter hatred most have never contemplated. Overall, I wish heads would give Words a break. It was all a misunderstanding and he is one of the better lyricists out here, so let’s not hate on him just because he and I had a little challenge. It’s done now. No more said other than big up to Wordsmith!

Did you enjoy exercising your battle skills once more, and should anyone else out there be worried?

I enjoy competition on all scales. It was fun to me and battling is always some place inside me, but I am a little too old for real, so I ain’t jumping back on it. As for other people needing to worry, I am gonna say a lot of honest things over the next year and some folk may be offended. If you have done something to be ashamed of and shown me disrespect without rectifying it, then you may hear your name being called out loud and clear. In this Hiphop game, people is far too two-faced and that’s not me. I’m straight, so yes, the two faced brers are twice as scared to face me.

We heard that there’s some bad blood between you and Braintax over royalties. What’s that all about?

It’s not bad blood between me and Brains. It’s up to him and you guys, who you listen to. To me, if you don’t want me to call you a snake, don’t behave that way, and I know deep in Braintax’s money mad heart, he should understand my need to speak and if that makes him angry he will have to come say something to me because I am gonna talk my mind. He was what I considered a friend until he poisoned that vibe and it’ not just me who feels like that. All Lowlife artists feel the same. It’s just that I am the only one who wants to speak out as usual, so if i offend, so be it…

On to the album – What’s the title and how long have you been working on it?

The first solo album is called Chester.P ‘From The Ashes’ and it has taken a long time to come to light ‘cause of many problems during it’s recording – like studios being burnt to the floor and so on. Then I have another solo album due early next year, produced by Farma.G, so I’m about to be visible again and this time it is something different to before. I’m a man now. I grew up and matured.

Can you run us through some info about it. Guests, producers, subject matters etc?

The only guests on the first album are my brother and Badbones and it is all produced by Slippers. The subject matters are many, ranging from stories of life to comedy type tales and I truly hope it is received with the respect it deserves. It’s different to normal stuff I do so for the die hard fans, stay tuned. Keep the faith. I have a lot to offer at the minute… This is my New Mic Order.

Chester P

What’s the definite release date?

October is the month for the album release and the single is available now from all good stores and Myspace.

Will you be doing a bunch of live shows to support the project and when’ll that happen?

I will be back on the road soon. I plan to be constantly active from here in so watch this space…..

What’s on the cards for Farma G, and the both of you as Task Force?

I can’t answer that really. I know my brother has an instrumental LP coming out and has produced my second solo project. The rest will have to be played by ear….

You’ve been doing this Hiphop thing for a long time now. How do you feel things have changed the most?

All that changes is the listener really and if you cant keep up with that change it may be the end of the line. For me, it’s just a matter of hunger and a need to say what I see when I see it. The media pick us up, re-name our music as urban then put us down until next time. It’s happened before and will happen again…

What keeps you wanting to record new music and put so much effort into getting it to the people?

First reason is, I feel I have a unique outlook on life and feel the Hphop world needs me and secondly, I need the Hiphop world for my own little confidence boost. I can’t do nothing legal but rap, so it’s my life and I put my life into it. I am truly dedicated to my art-form.

Who of the new artists are you enjoying right now, and what do you make of the Grime MC’s thing?

For me, the biggest thing this country has ever had is Durty Goodz. Along with many others. I praise that man. As for Grime, the only people hating on it are jealous. If it’s keeping the young out of trouble and so on, show love and stop hating.

You’ve been posting poetry on your Myspace for quite a while. Who are some of your favourite writers?

My favourite writers are Charles Baudelaire, Ed Sanders, Stokley Carmichael and many other beat poets from the sixties, as well as Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and such artists.

Do you think we’ll ever get to read a Chester P penned book of thoughts?

Ha Ha, not sure about that! I don’t write with the intention of publishing but if approached, I would certainly consider it, but I get the feeling that I may be a little too under the surface for them.

Have you got any thoughts or shouts you’d like to throw into the sphere?

Shout goes out to my mum, brother and nephew Remus for putting up with my insanities, but a special shout to Remus for staying in school and making us all so proud to be a part of his life. Another special shout to Linda.J for being the best mum that little man could have and the same for my brother. Being a dad was never easy for those who never had a dad themselves and against the odds he is the greatest father around. Big massive shout to Inja for helping me through some hardships and showing me friendship when I had given up on such things – that’s real fam.

Shout to uncle Mic and uncle Rich and their new born kids along with their baby mums. Shout to Slippers for all the work put in to this project, super shout to Skinnyman and Mongo, both of which have been brothers to me from the day I met them. Big shout to Beckles for the good times I will always cherish. Super special shout to Deeizm for seeing the light in me where most dare not tread as well as making me smile lots. A special shout for my kiwi connection for being real with me when the world seemed fake and last but not least to the gods and devils that wage war over my spirit ‘cause it gives me something to live for.

Thanks a lot for your time. Much appreciated.

Your time is also appreciated and thanks to you. Peace and love.

3 Responses to “Chester P”

  1. Joe Says:

    Deep, been lokking forward to the solo album for time. Taskforce smasked it at Karamak in ALdgate, feeling ‘In the city’ by chest DECENT

    Big up Jam-es on the promo scene with Karamak, the new hot ish, keep on it

  2. mr galactus Says:

    seriously looking forward to hearing a chester p lp. chester p has to be the uk’s most talented mc just listen to the wiccaman theory, snake charmer, spies in the coffin, new mic order and all the music from the corner cd’s. He allways seems to be one step head of every one.

  3. ste Says:

    yesai! the long awaited.. couldnt drop at a better time! cant wait to grab a copy of the album.. gonna dig for the single now!! ssaaaffee!!